Stephie and Alisha

Hey guys! Here’s a birthday gift for :iconxxtemmiegamingxx: I drew her with her girlfriend’s character Alisha! Why did I draw her too? CAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE IDK!! I know I failed so hard… hehe..

Stephie and Alisha .png

I can’t draw tails to save my life.. pls teach me how to draw fluffy tails! I probably could if I had skills.. which I clearly do not..

Please Stephie give me your skills… you’re so skilled you don’t need skills come on… you kawaii kitty you!

Anyways, I do hope you enjoy it!

Stephie belongs to :iconxxtemmiegamingxx:

Alisha belongs to  :iconalisha-kun:

(They are both too kawaii by themselves… now I’m dead from the cuteness..)




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