Axinite VS Golden Jubilee

Okay, I’m sorry, I know some of you hate Undertale (probably simply because of its popularity in such a short amount of time) but I had to make this reference.. it was staring me in the face… like a tsundere lol.

Axinite vs Golden Jubilee.jpg

So anyways, for those of you who don’t know what’s happening (Which is pretty much everyone who even pays attention to my stuff now), Golden Jubilee, another gemsona of mine, was once a friend of Axinite. In fact, he and Pink Star Diamond, ANOTHER gemsona, were Axinite’s ONLY friends! Hehe they were the only ones who dared to go into the polar regions of Homeworld to go and find him lol.

Anyways, when the Rebellion came around, Golden Jubilee and Pink Star joined the Homeworld forces. Axinite, coming back home, saw Golden Jubilee in there. After he left, Axinite went inside, and found pieces of what appeared to be his mother’s (creator’s) gem.

That’s.. really all you need to know.. hehe.. blah blah blah, stranded on Earth, yadda yadda yadda..

And that’s why Axinite has trust issues! hehe

I also made up some (awful) fake parody lyrics… and if you wanna see them, just note me or ask in the comments section! Again.. they’re terrible… so if you do decide to find out what they are, please give me tips on how to make it better… change some lines… idk..

Axinite and Golden Jubilee belong to moi!

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar


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