Jewel Pen (Human)

Hey guys! Back to my own style, this is a birthday gift for :icondashie-potter:

Jewel Pen .png

Well… interesting fact, we had never so much as heard of each other until today! LOL a friend told me it was her birthday, so I went and checked her out! But… if we had never heard of each other, why would I make this?

#1. I was bored

#2. She clearly said in the description “HOPE YOU DRAW HER” And me, seeing as I had nothing else to do, said “OKAY!!” (in my mind lol)

Hehe.. I know I failed at making her look cute.. I DID draw a chibi version, but I figured you guys wouldn’t wanna see another of my awful chibis..hehe besides I failed on that too!

Well.. I hope you like it! Go wish this girl a happy birthday, and check out her amazing artwork! She’s really nice too!!

Jewel Pen belongs to :icondashie-potter:!


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