.:Battle Lover Wisteria:.

Its a Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! thing… hehe you need to watch it to understand!


Battle Lover Wisteria .png

Hehe I tried a hand at:iconcandykiki:‘s coloring style… I failed miserably! LOL.. I even resorted to my own eye coloring style cause I couldn’t keep up with what was going on in the speedpaint.. then again its probably her program is SOO much better… In fact my eye coloring style is a modified version of one of hers I saw in one speedpaint… hehe the only originality in my eye style were the sparkles.. I LIKE SPARKLES OKAY?!

But seriously she is an amazing artist, and what’s even more spectacular is her attitude… she’s so freaking nice! EEEEE!! And nice means cute! ALWAYS! And if nice = cute, then she is kawaii as heck!!!! GO CHECK HER OUT! Or maybe even give her a watch!

Anyways, this picture is mine.. so yeah… I know it kinda sucks but eh WHATEVS! I’M TIRED OKAY?!


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