Ash the Dragon – Birthday Gift

Hey guys! Here is a one day late birthday gift for :iconduniverseprime:!!

This is his totally kawaii character Ash the Dragon! (You need more boy characters… Omega is so lonely… hehe maybe I’ll draw him later!) I failed SO MUCH on the tail and feet (I SUCK at those..) PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!!

Ash the Dragon

Okay… her birthday was yesterday… but this gift is LONG overdue…

She is an amazing girl.. I must say…. she is one of the only people I met in the chatroom to have not ticked me off ONCE! That is quite an achievement! She’s really nice too… I mean.. come on…

I may not understand you very much… as I’m just a little boy in a big big world… of death and destruction… but in the less than a year that I’ve known you… you’ve been a great friend to me.. you are my friend, my inspiration.. one of my many senpais… I appreciate you dude… and no matter what you are: A boy, a girl, a dragon that can literally burn me alive if I say the wrong thing…. you’ll always be my friend…

Happy (belated) birthday… I hope it was amazing… as you deserve the best…


(I cannot stop listening to Zettai Muteki☆Fallin’LOVE☆!!!!)



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