Hey guys! A little something for :icondigital-bunny-love:! This is a pic of her OC Canni!


I’m not sure if she prefered her scary, mean, or cute… idk I just went for cute.. its my default OKAY?!

My second time drawing one of her characters… that eye style though! Hehe.. Sorry if it looks like crap..

Oh and Labra… hang in there…. *hugs* I know you’ve been through a lot… we all have been through tons of crap this week… and I hope I can get it over with soon… cause I can’t handle this negative energy surging throughout the world…

Mmmkay all that aside, hope you like it, and if you haven’t , go check her out, cause her art is AMAZING!! Plus she’s real nice if you get to know her…. ish.. idk

Canni belongs to :icondigital-bunny-love:


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