Cordelia T. Shooting Star!

Hey guys! Here’s a gift for a pal of mine, Veolo, this is a pic of her character, Cordelia!

LOOK MAX, I CAN DRAW DECENTLY NOW!! Lol I’m kidding my drawings are still crap..

Cordelia T Shooting Star

Well I drew her standard form. Everyone else draws her Star Squirrel form (Because its so magical… plus its more popular! The standard form was only drawn once, for the reference. As far as I know, I’m the only other person to draw this form.. so far..)

I tried to make it cute and I failed… and I also failed on the eyes..


There is a strong possibility that you will never see this.. (She hasn’t been very active lately) and umm.. even so.. its the thought that counts… I miss talking to you.. (crap are actual tears forming in my eyes? Oh crap she’s more powerful than I thought!)

Cordelia T. Shooting Star © Veolo


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