.:~Twinsies ~ :.

Hey guys!! Here’s a small gift for my dA twin, :iconfizz18:!!

Volk and Fizz-Chan

Okay there were a few complications…

1st of all, I suck at drawing anime! So there’s that… hehe

2nd of all, I kinda tried to copy the style of Sailor Moon… didn’t work out so well hehe (That’s why the skin is pink!)

I didn’t really have a true reference for Fizz-Chan, so I… didn’t know how to draw her really!! All I knew, was that she was a brunette! With long hair, hehe. So for the rest I improvised – I was going to give her grey eyes because of the picture that had grey eyes, but I remembered – She wants purple eyes in real life too!! (Just like me, cause purple is awesome!) So I gave her purple eyes too!

Then I had the idea of making her a cat girl (cause cat girls are kawaii… don’t judge me), and luckily she wanted to be a samurai cat girl in the next life (She revealed that in a journal I found..) So yeah! She doesn’t look like a samurai, but she secretly is…. so WATCH OUT!! Plus, as you guys who have watched me for a while know… I SUCK AT DRAWING TAILS!! How do you draw tails??? teach me plz

I actually based the jacket off of the picture she used for the anime samurai cat girl… it was cute…

I tried a new eye style that ALSO failed… it wasn’t Sailor Moon’s (Obviously) but next time I’ll try it!

Took a while… a few hours… both the sketch and the coloring… please help me…

Anyways, I know its kinda terrible, but I hope you love it anyways Fizz-Chan!

Volk belongs to moi!



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