Just.. Volk

Hehe I’m sorry, but I was bored okay? I know I said I didn’t want Volk hogging my gallery, but I’m sorry!!

So anyways I was just thinking about Freedom Planet for some random reason one day,  (Never played it, but I sure want to) and I saw the official character art, and I got jealous, and I thought I could TRY to make something at least the tiniest bit similar.. I failed miserably lol

Normal Volk

But I still am kinda proud of this.. might even use this as an official character profile art piece.. idk probably took an hour or 2 to color… kinda used original Sonic and Robotnik art for coloring techniques.. Hope you enjoy it.. or not…

I would like some tips if you have any for me! Nice tips… not like.. “You’re an idiot” tips..


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