Madison the Cat Official Reference Sheet (4/5/16)


Madison reference sheet

The new and improve Madison reference sheet!!


Name (Nickname):

Madison Katherine Nyaire (Maddie)

Age: 14
Gender: Girl

Race: Singapura Cat

List three to five most important things about your character.
1. She is excellent at gymnastics

2. Her arch nemesis was her best friend once

3. Carol is her sidekick

–Physical Details–

Build/Body Type/Physical Frame:

She is very thin basically around the hips, torso, upper and lower body,


5′ 5″ (1.65 m)

42 lb. (19.0509 kg)

Her fur is a light periwinkle

Hair: She has light purple hair on the top, back, and on the sides of her head


Light blue

practicing gymnastics, and playing soccer


She has a mellow voice, not commanding, but will get firm in times of stress.

She has a very simple style, to try to hide any suggestive or otherwise stereotypical movements..

Most days she wears a blue shirt and bright red pants

Part One: Basic Info
Her friends, gymnastics, voring others

D.O.O.M.E, being scared
playing video games/soccer, eating crayons (don’t ask)

She is able to twirl a ribbon with such swiftness and grace that is is hard to catch up to.


For Firebug to return to his angelic nature

To become evil

Best Quality:
She will not let anyone push her over
Greatest Flaw:
She hesitates many times when it comes to Firebug, as she still believes there is good in him

Character Strengths:

Strong character, grace

And the coinciding weaknesses:

She actually believes Firebug can be good, so she wouldn’t dare want to hurt him intentionally.

When she is angry, her tail curls up quickly.

One thing he/she is and one thing he/she is not.
She is very protective, but she is definitely not a tsundere

Part Two: In-depth Analysis

How does the character picture himself/herself?
She thinks she is very reasonable

How do others see him/her?

Five adjectives that he/she would use to describe his/herself.

Reasonable, Friendly, Convincing, Smart, and Worried

Five adjectives others would use to describe him/her.
Friendly, Cute, Graceful, Easygoing, and Amazing
Most valued possession:

Her friendship with Johnathen

Darkest secret and/or treasured memory:

Darkest Secret: Her once friend Calum Fugate is her arch-nemesis Firebug

Treasured Memory: Sitting with Calum on the beach while snacking on some crayons

Most proud accomplishment and or greatest failure:

Proud Accomplishment: Winning the South Island Gymnastics Competition

Is he/she motivated by possibility or necessity?

Current motivation:
Motivated by her friends

How does he/she view the future and/or the past?
She views the future as a chance to turn Firebug back to the light side

What is his/her philosophy on life and death?

She doesn’t care; V1 does all of the philosophy.

What kind of energy level do they usually have?
She’s kind of perky at times

How does he/she show and/or handle: love, affection, grief, pain, anger, sadness, conflict, change, loss?

Love: blushes

Affection: Hugs

Grief/Sadness/Loss: she breaks down, crying

Anger: She tries to contain it, but if it is released, I wouldn’t want to be the person who she’s angry at right then

Conflict: she tries to stay loyal to her beliefs..

Change: Noone knows

Does he/she have a temper?
Its a good temper, but she WILL beat you down if it is set off.

How does he/she respond to the surrounding world, the ‘unfamiliar,’ and other people in general?
She is very accepting
Polite or rude?


Stingy or generous?

What kind of ‘public’ face does he/she display?
She is very relaxed in public
Leader or a follower?

Follower: She doesn’t want to seem ruthless or unreasonable

More happy by themselves or in a group?

In a group: She feels safer around her friends

Does he/she have any addictions/dependencies/fixations/fetishes/ or other strange behavior?

She eats crayons…

What is his/her sexual preference/experience/values?
she is into guys if that is what you mean. NEXT!


Modern-day Mobius. he lives on Crystal Island, an island 42 miles of the coast of South Island

Intelligence Level:
Short Term Goals:
Long Term Goals:
to get Firebug to return to an angelic nature
Carol was like a younger sister to her

Johnathan the Hedgehog, Stat the Fox, Carol the Rabbit, Volk the Chameleon, V1 Calum Fugate (formerly)

Its a work-in-progress


Physical Strength:

Not very strong physically


Powerful hand-eye coordination

Fighting Style:
Usually jumps and twirls like a gymnast

Unusual Abilities/Powers:

Weapons/Other Gear:

She utilizes a magical twirling ribbon.


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