Ask the Cast – #45 What Happens When You Play Sonic 06

Asked by  setosorcerer32

Ask Volk 29.jpg

WELL I’M DONE WITH QUESTIONS! Please don’t ask any more until I give the all clear okay? Just a bit stressed out at the moment..

Plus.. its almost May… so might as well get a little vent out since EVERYBODY ELSE SEEMS TO HAVE SOMETHING TO VENT ABOUT THIS MONTH…

I MISS YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA!! *crying so much*

and now.. back to our regularly scheduled program…



Ask the Cast – #44 Archaeology Rules

Asked by :iconhalloween-monarch:

Ask Carol 1.jpg

And an ask for Carol alone! Hehe.. again please, NO MORE ASKS AT THIS POINT IN TIME!! (For those who didn’t see this last post)



*Kudos to anyone who got the reference.. which you probably didn’t… watching your rated R movies and your Akame ga Kill and… bloody things…*


Ask the Cast – #43 Part Mouse!?

Asked by :iconhalloween-monarch:

Ask Johnnie 1.jpg


Finally an ask for Johnnie alone!! Now please, NO MORE ASKS AT THIS POINT IN TIME!!

I have 2 things I need to upload, and I can’t so much as color them online if I’m answering asks all day!!

Plus.. you might be able to ask more than only 6 people hehe… but 3 people need more than 1 ask people.. hehe (AND NOT FROM THE SAME PERSON EITHER! Hehe sorry dude, but I would like it to seem like more than one person cares about Johnnie, Stat, and Carol, the 3 people that have rarely, if ever been asked..

You guys can ask them once I upload the drawings I need to upload!