Thank you….

Hey guys! This is a gift for the lovely :iconlionesssafire:! She… kinda helped me with a little personal crisis.. (Don’t worry.. none of my people died.. and I’m not depressed… even if I was I wouldn’t tell you.. there are enough depressing journals on this site as is..)

Hannah and Volk full.png

For the first time since September of last year.. I might learn to.. truly enjoy myself.. without feeling so down and.. apathetic.. I’d like to thank her… for being so beautiful… keep in mind that the true definition of “Beauty” within a person is not just whether someone is visually appealing, but also when they have a good heart… She surely will past the test of Life…

I’d also like to thank :iconhuntresslacuddlepawz: for being an amazing sister to Lioness..for being such a great role model.. Without you, she wouldn’t have become the lovable female I know today! ✿^-^✿

So now about the picture: I experimented with an anime eye style… I failed, but I must admit I am kinda proud.. cause it still looks cute… despite my failure! Lol. I still added my own personal sparkles because sparkles are pretty!

I also didn’t find a solid full body ref of Hannah.. so I technically used some references from multiple sources… so I’m sorry if she’s not truly… “accurate”..

But nonetheless, despite my sorta failures (and a crappy, digitally drawn bench), I do hope you enjoy this picture!

Volk Quartzlrix Chamomile belongs to Moi! Technically this version is pretty shy, so in a way he IS me lol.

This anime Hannah belongs to :iconlionesssafire:!


Seriously.. for my other watchers and viewers of this picture.. check out their art!! ITS SOOO CUTE!!! Talk to them too! Leave some lovely comments! They’ll be glad you did, trust me! ✿^-^✿

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