You guys should know who Volk is acting like… and if you don’t I am so sorry for you…



Shelly VS Vortimer

Hey guys! Haven’t drawn these 2 in a while so I thought “why not”?

Shelly VS Vortimer full


This is my OC Shelly Naokohari (here and here) battling her archenemy, my other OC Vortimer Aramits (here and here) in the climax of the Shelly’s first story, The Treasure of Felarya (Does not exist, so don’t go looking for it in my gallery)

Shelly and Vortimer belong to moi

Felarya belongs to the amazing :iconkarbo:

Background – found it on the internet


Realistic Body?

Ehhh  :icontungleregrea: demanded I do this….

Realistic Body Sketch

Well I failed… She never said whether the body could be clothed or not, so that was one of the reasons why I didn’t draw a girl, which the other reasons are:

I suck at drawing girls

and what would people think if they saw me looking intently at a picture of a girl? Sure I’m using her as a reference to draw, but THEY WOULDN’T KNOW THAT! I’M NOT WEIRD I TELL YOUUU!!

I also watched Batman V Superman… it was amazing…

Volk is The Doctor

Ehh kinda crappy picture… but yeah this is what Volk would be like if he was the Doctor.

Volk is The Doctor

If you remember correctly, he is wearing his “true” form’s outfit, (His form if he hadn’t been de-aged* and he simply carries a sonic screwdriver. He would probably have the personality of Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker’s Doctor, with a love of purple. He would also be the Seventh incarnation of this Time Lord, (As you see, the pose is in the shape of a 7)

Volk belongs to moi

Doctor Who belongs to the BBC

Who Wants Pi?

Hey guys! Guess what, its PI DAY!!!!!!! Get it, March 14th, 3.14… OH SHUT UP ITS A REAL HOLIDAY!! So I made a comic to celebrate!!

Pi Day Comic 2016

Volk: Hey guys! Who wants PIE?!

Johnathan: I do!

Madison: Me!

Carol: I’d love some!

Volk: Well here you are!!

Framily Values: Episode V Girls’ Day Out

Framily Values Main Logo

Location: Bank of Paxion, Paxion Mainland – March 26th, 2013, 7:30 a.m.


It was just an ordinary day at the Bank of Paxion. It was fairly early in the morning, yet a wave of Treans, the dominant species in Paxion, were bustling in and out of the large banking facility. The emerald marble floor seemed to completely withstand the onset of citizens, and remained gleaming in the morning light.

The inside of the bank was very neat. Security guards were poised near the beige walls of the main area, ready for anything that came by that could compromise the safety of these individuals.

Suddenly, preceded by a BANG, the doors violently swung open, revealing a very unusual sight: A human male, dressed in a red Sonic the Hedgehog costume, the face cut out, and the torso painted with a rainbow sash. He was armed with a KYD-21 blaster. He fired 2 shots into the air and every other individual present, given that they weren’t a security guard, dropped to the floor in terror.

Man: This is what happens when you allow fan characters to plague our society!*In crazy voice* HI GUYS! I’M ROCKY THE HEDGEHOG! I’M SO ORIGINAL, SO GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY!

The security guards were stumped.

Guard 1: Is this guy for real?

Guard 2: I dunno, but whatever he is, he’s definitely going DOWN!

The guards aim their blasters at the man, but he pulls out a strange helmet and puts it on his head. Suddenly, the guards’ blasters are levitated out of their hands, and flung across different sides of the room.


Innocent Victim 1: Silver? Who the devil is that?

Innocent Victim 2: *shrugs*

Man: *laughs maniacally*

Suddenly, a light British voice is heard from behind the strange man.

Johnathan: Come along quietly Ethan… before you embarrass yourself any more than you already have…


Ethan places on some high powered speed shoes and rushes towards Team Starstorm. He is successful in tripping Johnathan and kicking him into Madison.


He quickly takes out a wristband and teleports around Carol, grabbing her whip and using it to fling Stat halfway across the room and into her.

Ethan: This wouldn’t be a party without a giant HAMMER!

He pulls out a colossal sized hammer, the same design as Amy Rose’s, and uses it to strike V1, knocking him back into a wall.

Ethan: *normally* You see? This is what fan characters will do to you! They will ruin society! It’s time to take a stand against them, now WHO’S WITH –

Unexpectedly, Ethan is knocked out with a rock aimed so carefully at his noggin. Volk is later seen holding some rocks in his arm, tossing one up and down in his other hand.

Volk: What? Someone had to shut him up -.-

Location: Crystal Island, Paxion – 42 miles off mainland coastline – March 26th , 2013, 8:00 a.m.


The team is relaxing in the living room, jaded after their latest encounter.

Johnathan: Ugh, Ethan again… seriously I wonder what that dude’s problem is…

Stat: Yeah… and I wonder what he means by “fan characters”… we’re not electrical appliances used to cool down others!

Madison: You know, we’ve been doing a lot over the past couple of days… we should let loose!

Carol: But how? I mean due to all the recent crime activity, we can’t risk a vacation..

V1: Might I suggest an intimate get together with some of your friends, with some appropriate music, games, movies, and evenly distributed amounts of viand?

Carol: You mean a party?

V1: Well, in your common plebeian terms, yes, a party.

Johnathan: What an excellent idea!! Just us or will you invite a few friends?

Madison: Maybe we should invite someone…

V1: I shall supervise, to make sure you don’t invite 100 guests and try to pass it off as a “few people”

Volk: Make sure they aren’t too loud either!!

Madison: Oh come on, trust us!! We won’t be loud. Promise!

*Flash forward, 10 or 11 p.m*

Energetic, extravagant music boomed throughout the small home. The seismic shocks emanating from the feet of the dancing partygoers saturated the area. Not a single space was left unaffected, even Volk’s room.

The fatigued aqua colored chameleon was frustrated by the way that the tunes bursting from the radio within the living room forced its way into his eardrums. He groggily crawls out of his crib and slowly makes his way toward the living room entrance.


Nobody heard him. They were too engaged in the festivities to notice his presence.

Volk poised himself to dispose of the radio using his electrical abilities, but he quickly retracted his pose and decided not to, his morality interfering with his path to peace and quiet.

He slithers back into his nest, curls himself up, and attempts to sink into the mystical REM sleep. He could not however, as the party grew louder, and louder. All he could do was futilely cover his ears with his soft, fluffy, lavender pillow, and hope for the better.

*Flash forward, 6:30 a.m.*

All was finally quiet in the residence of these isolated heroes. The effect that the party had on the home itself had been quickly reversed, so well that you couldn’t possibly tell that a party occurred in the first place.

Johnathan slowly gets up, wearing his tomato red pajamas, and crosses over to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. While he places his frozen waffles in the toaster, he notices a small note. He lifts it up to his face.

Johnathan: *Quietly, to himself* Oh come on….

After his waffles have finished toasting, he tiptoes extremely cautiously to the coffee table, picks up the remote, and turns on the TV. He suddenly realizes that the television is too loud, and turns down the volume.

Stat slowly enters as well, followed by V1.

Stat: Hey, why did you turn down the–

Johnathan: SHH!

V1: Sheesh Johnnie, what is your concern?

Johnathan pulls out the note.

Johnathan: Here. Look at this.

Hello Johnnie!

                You might be wondering where I am at! Well apparently, the party we had kept up Volk all night, and you know how he gets when he doesn’t get his sleep. I figured he wouldn’t want any girls in the house, so Carol and I went out sightseeing! We’ll be back at about 9:00. Bye Johnnie, and good luck!


Johnathan: She ditched us!!! Carol and Maddie ditched us and left us with a tired Volk! You know how he gets when he doesn’t get his sleep!!

*Flashback to about 3 months ago. Volk is in his normal form, and his scales are a rich midnight blue, with a light violet shade on his forehead. He is laying in his bed, light lavender jammies and all. His eyes are shot, and deep, dark bags cover the section right below his eyes. Stat is holding out a tray with some lemonade on it*

Stat: Here! Something to refresh you!

Volk takes one look at the bright yellow beverage and rejects it coldly.

Volk: I can’t drink that.

Stat: Why not?

Volk: ARE YOU BLIND?! Just look at it!

Stat: What? What’s wrong with it?

Volk: That lemon has 3 seeds in it… THAT’S AN ODD NUMBER!!! I can’t drink anything odd numbered!

Stat: Well fine, I’ll just take it out–

Volk: NO NO NO!! It’s already been contaminated by a bad lemon! IT WON’T WORK!!!

*Flash forward to present day*

Stat: Ahh… yeah that was awful… and that was when he WASN’T grumpy all of the time!!

Johnathan: Ok… so let’s try to give Volk as much rest as he needs…

Location: Paxion Mainland, Viridan – March 26th , 2013, 6:37 a.m.

Madison and Carol are wandering around a lovely section of the mainland of Paxion. The glow of the pulchritudinous first light massages the domain. Trimmed green fields saturate the area, littered with a rainbow of flora. Small animals were scattered along the area, feasting on flowers and playing with the other members of their species.

Madison: Oh my gosh… this place is absolutely beautiful!!

Carol: Yeah, and these animals are just adorable!!!!!

One of the little creatures hopped into Carol’s awaiting arms.

Carol: Aww!! Its sooo cute!!!

The creature giggles happily as Carol tickles its tummy.

Madison: Seriously that thing is way too cute to be real!

Carol: I know right?!

She continues to cradle the strange animal, until a larger, female version of it approaches her.

Carol: Ahh, you must be its mommy!

She lays the animal on the soft earth and it scampers away to its awaiting mother, who nuzzles her child, and then Carol.

Madison: *Giggles* I think she likes you, Carol!

Carol slowly sits down next to the mother and child, who both leap into her lap.

Carol: Hehe, I think I’ll stay here for a while!!

Madison: Aww alright! I think I’ll go down to the lake to bathe for a bit.

Carol: Have fun!

Carol strokes the fur of the 2 creatures as Madison leaves for the lake.

Location: Crystal Island, Paxion – 42 miles off mainland coastline – March 26th , 2013, 6:40 a.m.


Stat is pacing his LEGO filled room back and forth, from the TV to his closet, and back. Much of his fur is lying on his multicolored brick-patterned carpet.

Stat: *quietly* Oh no, what’ll I do, what’ll I do?

V1 enters the room, taking up a very concerned posture.

V1: I sense that you are distressed. What is troubling you, young Ewok?

Stat: I… I messed up. Big time. Remember the party? Well… I… think I kinda sorta pinned the tail not on the donkey, but Volk’s autographed poster of Gary the Gadget Guy..

V1: *Gasp* Oh my goodness…

Stat: I need your help V1! You know how to do things, how do I remove that pin, without creating a noticeable hole?

V1: Hmm… Volk is really sensitive when it comes to this stuff… maybe I can find a full picture of it, and use it to fill in the hole. I’ll have to see the picture first, though.

Stat: Don’t worry I’ll show you.

Stat creaks open Volk’s door and points to the poster hanging on Volk’s lavender painted wall, which showed a blue penguin wearing a snow white lab coat, smiling next to a piece of cheese on a table. On the cheese, written in black, was “3000”. In the bottom right hand corner lied a signature: “Gary” it read.

The pin was located in a position laying right on top of Gary’s cashew tie.

Stat and V1 swiftly duck out of the room.

V1: *whispering* Hmm… I’ll have to upload a picture of the original to my hard drive… might take a while though. You just need to worry about getting that pin off safely!

Stat: *whispering* Awww why do I have to do it?

V1: *whispering* Cause if you don’t, I’ll wake up Volk and leave you to face his wrath. It was you who pinned the tail on the Gary, after all.

Stat: Ooohhhh okaaay….

Stat quickly goes into his room, and straps on several pillows to his feet, legs, torso, nearly everything except his hands. He wanted to take as little chances as possible to wake up a sleeping Volk.

He slowly made his way across the violet bedroom, the faint aroma of orchid dancing in and around his nostrils. Suddenly… “SQUEAK”!  He quickly curled up in terror, awaiting the vengeance of Volk, awaiting his untimely death at the hands of a rubber toy, but nothing happened. Several seconds drove by before Stat slowly got up again, quivering, and began to tiptoe his way around the toy, and towards the poster. He slowly reaches for the pin and yanks it out, not making a peep, and skims out of the room, where V1 is waiting, with a strange laser in his arms

V1: Good. Now it’s my turn.

V1 enters Volk’s room and spots the tiny dent in the poster. He aims the device ever so carefully at the hole, and it seems to virtually disappear as V1 pulls the trigger. He then exits the room, satisfied with his work.

V1: There we are! That simple.

Stat: Oh my goodness thank you, V1! You’re a lifesaver!!!

All of a sudden, the faint sound of a flushing toilet can be heard, followed by the sound of cascading water. The 2 boys turn their attention to the bathroom door, which opens itself up, revealing a baggy-eyed Volk slowly emerging from it.

Stat: Hey Volk!

Volk: Buzz off.

Stat: Okay…

Volk enters his room and slams the door behind him, the shockwaves ricocheting off of every wall.

Stat: Whoa… so hostile…

V1: You would be too, if you got kept up all night by a party.

Location: Paxion Mainland, Viridan – March 26th , 2013, 6:45 a.m.


Madison strolls back to where Carol is located, freshly renewed from her bath in the lake. She comes to find Carol rubbing the sleeping baby’s back, as the mother curls up next to it.

Carol: *whispering* Oh welcome back Maddie!  The baby’s so cute when it’s sleeping!

Madison: *whispers* Hey, don’t you wanna check out more sights?!

Carol: *whispering* Hmm… alright!

Carol kisses 2 of her fingers, and places them on the baby’s forehead.

Carol: *whispering* Goodbye little baby… sweet dreams…

She releases a kind smile as she rubs the baby’s head one last time, skips over to Maddie, and they both frolic in the fields away from the field.

Location: Angel Mountain, Paxion Mainland – March 26th , 2013, 6:47 a.m.

The 2 females have arrived at the base of a colossal mountain, the peak seeming to touch the stars. They are sporting light climbing gear, including ropes, beanies, and climbing boots.

Madison: I’ve always wanted to try mountain climbing!!

Carol: It’s a good thing you are best friends with a natural expert!! You’ve just got to find some good footing aaand….

Carol whips out her bullwhip and latches onto a small, jagged piece of rock, protruding extensively from the side of the mountain. She then uses the piece of string to climb up the mountainside.

Carol: Presto!!! It also helps to have an ice axe on your person!

She takes an ice axe from behind her back and hands it to Madison, who looks extremely puzzled.

Madison: Wait… why do you have a…

Carol: All part of an adventurer’s arsenal!!! Come on, we have a little more than 2 hours!

Madison: Hmm… Yeah let’s do this!!!!

*Flash forward to 8:01 a.m.*

Madison and Carol are relaxing on the peak of the snowcapped mountain. The chilled, milky blanket comforts their bodies as they gaze up at the bright, clear, neon blue sky.

Madison: Ooh you’re right Carol… this is beautiful… I’m so glad we took the time to… stay here for an extra hour after we finished climbing…

Carol: Hey, I couldn’t let my best female friend miss out on the sight of a lifetime!

Madison gives a warm smile, but it quickly fades.

Madison: Oh my… we… we don’t have much time left…

Carol: Well…

She scoots closer to Maddie, their eyes gazing into each other’s.

Carol: Do you… wanna go home now?

Madison: Well, I think we have time to see one more thing…

Madison slowly reaches her hand out to hold Carol’s, their furs meet, clasped together tightly as the both share a gentle simper, isolated on the majestic mountaintop….

Location: Halcyon Lake, Paxion Mainland – March 26th , 2013, 8:22 a.m.

The 2 young maidens settled on a small precipice overlooking Halycon Lake. The sparkling, turquoise water flawlessly mirrored the nacreous morning light.

Carol: This is a beautiful morning, isn’t it Maddie?

Madison: Yeah Carol… it truly is…

She turns her head and gazes into Carol’s eyes.

Madison: Wow Carol… I’ve… I’ve never noticed how pretty your eyes are…

Carol’s cheeks slowly turn into strawberries at her friend’s comment.

Carol: Wow… oh… why thank you Maddie… I’ve noticed the same thing about your eyes…. when we first met…

Madison turns a bright carmine.

Madison: Oh… thank you so much Carol!

They embrace each other in a hug, and return to view the sunrise.

Carol: It is really wonderful… I’m glad I took this break with you…

Madison: Me too…

They slowly lean closer to each other, and their noses touch. Suddenly, Madison breaks the silence.

Madison: *whispers* I… think we both know what’s about to happen….

Location: Crystal Island, Paxion – 42 miles off mainland coastline – March 26th , 2013, 8:43 a.m.

Johnathan is resting quietly on the aquamarine couch in front of the television in the living room. Suddenly, a knock to the tune of “Hungarian Dances No. 5” riles him up. That was Madison’s favorite classical song, and she always knocked like that.

Johnathan opened the door slowly to reveal Madison and Carol, hands behind their back, blushing and giggling intensely.

Madison: *giggling* H-hey Johnnie… s-sorry about leaving you there… hehe

Johnathan: Ahh don’t worry, Volk wasn’t much of a problem. Hey what’s wrong with you two? You look like high-schoolgirls who just experienced a pleasuring experience.

Carol: Umm… Johnathan… we have something to tell you…

Johnathan: Umm… what?

The room was silent for a moment, before Madison tossed Johnathan a fluffy red pillow, and yelled out.


The girls quickly attack Johnathan with their down filled cushions, but Johnathan fended them off. Then, Stat ducks into the room.

Stat: Is that a pillow fight I hear?

Carol: YOU BET!

Carol tosses Stat a pillow and he joins in, throwing in a few fake ninja shrieks here and there. Suddenly, V1 appears.

V1: Are you performing the fun time activity you call a pillow fight?

Johnathan: Yeah V1! Wanna join us? It’s okay if you’re too sophisticated for it.

V1: Johnathan, number 1, I believe that engaging in your mortal activities of enjoyment would be beneficial in my quest for the true meaning of life.

Stat: And… number 2?

V1: Nobody is too sophisticated for a pillow fight.

Madison: He’s got a good point there!

Madison hurls a pillow towards V1, who starts engaging in this fierce battle royale, sans the blizzard of feathers flying everywhere as in a typical girls’ slumber party movie. The flurry of giggles and cheerful laughter is interrupted by an abrupt “HEY!” The contestants quickly turn around to see a certain blue chameleon, his teeth clenched in anger.

Volk: How… DARE YOU have a pillow fight…

As the fighters position themselves to run, he takes out a small orchid colored pillow from behind him.

Volk: …without me?

He suddenly leaps forth, like Yoda, and engages directly in the duel. Our 6 protagonists continued that fight long into the day, releasing the energy conserved throughout that fearful morning, no longer consumed by the inevitable wrath of Volk the Chameleon. The best part, however, was that they didn’t have to clean up the mess afterwards…


… well… except for that…

Ahh so that’s another exciting story!! I feel like… this wasn’t my best… in fact this is actually one of the worst of the 5 episodes so far… this is what happens when you leave me to have terrible ideas for myself.. I might improve this later on… when I’m not too lazy…

Well, 4 more episodes left to go, so stay tuned!!

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How Does This Work??

Volk in a meme anime

I’m never gonna survive high school am I?

Lol well I made this meme last night… couldn’t upload it cause internet issues though…

Literally the story of my life! (Technically 4 girls, but one simply said they had feelings, but not HUGE ones) Not as in year years, but in numbered years (2014, 2015, 2016) How is this possible? I’m such a nerd, I never talk much, I am EXTREMELY SHY when it comes to talking to females… Am I really that well liked?

At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising if I had a yandere after me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. I’m scared now…