You guys should know who Volk is acting like… and if you don’t I am so sorry for you…



Shelly VS Vortimer

Hey guys! Haven’t drawn these 2 in a while so I thought “why not”?

Shelly VS Vortimer full


This is my OC Shelly Naokohari (here and here) battling her archenemy, my other OC Vortimer Aramits (here and here) in the climax of the Shelly’s first story, The Treasure of Felarya (Does not exist, so don’t go looking for it in my gallery)

Shelly and Vortimer belong to moi

Felarya belongs to the amazing :iconkarbo:

Background – found it on the internet


Realistic Body?

Ehhh  :icontungleregrea: demanded I do this….

Realistic Body Sketch

Well I failed… She never said whether the body could be clothed or not, so that was one of the reasons why I didn’t draw a girl, which the other reasons are:

I suck at drawing girls

and what would people think if they saw me looking intently at a picture of a girl? Sure I’m using her as a reference to draw, but THEY WOULDN’T KNOW THAT! I’M NOT WEIRD I TELL YOUUU!!

I also watched Batman V Superman… it was amazing…

Volk is The Doctor

Ehh kinda crappy picture… but yeah this is what Volk would be like if he was the Doctor.

Volk is The Doctor

If you remember correctly, he is wearing his “true” form’s outfit, (His form if he hadn’t been de-aged* and he simply carries a sonic screwdriver. He would probably have the personality of Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker’s Doctor, with a love of purple. He would also be the Seventh incarnation of this Time Lord, (As you see, the pose is in the shape of a 7)

Volk belongs to moi

Doctor Who belongs to the BBC