Stat as the First Doctor

Hey guys!! 1st of all I’d like to thank :iconxxneonpurplexx: for boosting my confidence in drawing.. even though I am kinda terrible at art…


Anyways.. that moment when you study a piece of beautiful artwork, trying to see how the artist made is so amazing… then fails at replicating that STYLE.

Remember that quiz I linked in my Volk as Sixth Doctor pic? (probably not, cause not many people know that exists)

Well back before I made that picture, my brother Ryan took the quiz and got the First Doctor! Now that I have finished the William Hartnell era, I thought it would be a good time to finally draw this! Back then Stat was still a fox, so this is a great improvement!

Stat as First Doctor

Here you can take the quiz and if you would please draw one of your characters in the outfit of your Doctor.. it would be really cool. Plus, I recommend taking the quiz at least twice for  more accurate results!

Link to Quiz:…


Doctor Who belongs to the BBC

Stat belongs to  :iconchicragger:

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