SS: Volk

Admiral’s Log: (Stardate unknown for now)

This is… a bit difficult to say.. I have been fighting for so long.. battling endlessly day after day against those ruthless, grotesque creatures, terrorizing the galaxy, striking fear into everyone they came across… a species only known as, the Zarchonians.  I had finally piloted the Death Moon close enough to Zarchonian Space – I was preparing for a final showdown against those wretched excuse for reptiles, when I heard the glorious news. One of my soldiers, a Zarchonian I had allowed to live due to his abhorrence of his race, and his dedication to rebellion, burst into my office. Before I could turn around, he was screaming with excitement, “Admiral! There’s no need!! The war is over! The war is over!!”

I didn’t believe him at first, as I am extremely stubborn, and I thought it was nothing but a sick joke, and he knows very well that I have no sense of humor whatsoever, as I have too much to worry about myself.. Then, he had activated the television setting on my screen; he was very lucky that he survived touching my control panel at all! I was preparing to chastise him when I glanced up at the monitor.. and what I saw.. what I heard… was probably the best thing to ever have happened to me in my life.

Greetings from the planet Xolaris, where we have just received intel that the Zarchonian threat has finally ended after several years of war! Reports say that  thanks to the valiant efforts of Captain Speedy the Squirrel and the crew of the S.S. Explorer, who traveled deep into the perilous Zarchonian homeworld, and destroyed this terrifying menace, in a raid that could have saved the entire universe, maybe even the multiverse,! For their efforts, the Galactic Counsel has decided that  this day shall officially declared “Star Squirrel Day” More on this, and an exclusive interview with this heroic and brave warrior coming up at 5:30 Nacrae Time! 

At that moment… all the feeling in my body had vanished. All this time, after battling these wretched creatures, not to mention dealing with many distant problems, with noone to support or comfort me in my time of need, it was all over. I did feel a hint of jealousy, being beaten to the Zarchonian leader by a squirrel, who didn’t even have insiders (the rebels) on his side, but mostly, I felt relieved.. as if I was on a cloud that engulfed my entire body, yet still allowed me room to breathe freely.

“Hello? Admiral?”

I did not answer. I was too overjoyed to speak. For once, I could actually sit back, and.. enjoy the scenery.. without a care in the world. All I did was raise a hand, and he understood exactly what I meant. He immediately left the room, presumably to go and, as many nowadays put it, “chill out” with their friends. My right hand, my still organic hand, crept up to the mask concealing my muzzle. My fingertips grazed its smooth, silver surface.


My now fallen muzzle engaged in a spinning top rotation, until it finally remained motionless on the polished floors of the control room. My mask, had finally been removed, revealing my peachy muzzle. Towards the left side, a purple blemish sat, reminding me of the explosion that caused half of my body to require encasement. In the centre of my exposed, fleshy face, a small smile had formed. It was the first time I had smiled in a long time.. probably since I last saw my sister. The sharp glow of my left “eye” had subsided, as far as I could see, as I sat in that comforting, leather chair, imagining that one of my dreams had finally come true.

Without thinking, my fingers waltzed on the controls, the panel blinking with multicolored light, spinning my ship around, and casting it off towards a more.. populated area.

The forward, thrusting movement of the ship finally came to a close over a solar system close to the planet Xolaris, which from what I have heard, is a lovely place to visit, with nacreous atmosphere, and shimmering meteor showers, sprinkling stardust over the skies. I chose here, because I enjoyed being surrounded by prismatic sparkles, enjoyed staring into the sky, and seeing not a simple black canvas, sprinkled with white powder, but rather seeing it, glittering with a rainbow of lights, gleaming from the distance, without having to wonder if one of those lights was a planet, exploding, crumbling to dust after the Zarchonians selfishly ripped its resources from it. The atmosphere helped to soothe me even more than I had previously thought possible.

After.. indulging in some solitude, I had beamed the several former rebels down to the newly freed planets, so they could enjoy the festivities, and live new lives… better lives. I, on the other hand, gazed at the stars on the observatory on my Death Moon. The townspeople would probably have been afraid of me anyways.. with my glowing scarlet eye, and the cold, metallic surface that encases the left side of my body. The stars had never looked more opaline. I saw twinkles of bright garnet, light sapphire… even lustrious orchid in the star spangled sky.

I was able to, as the locals put it, relax, for the 1st time in several long years. Although I still have another threat to worry about, the vast galactic criminal underground run by my nemesis, I’m going to take this time to.. ease my tensed shoulders, which have held the same position since I had fled Viridan… after the disappearance and possible death of my younger sister. Afterwards, as this “Speedy” parties, and unwinds with his companions, I shall weave through the stars in my titanic station, searching to find the man who leads this criminal syndicate, the man who destroyed my father and my sister, this “Professor Nithercott”.. and when I do find him… I will make him pay. His next breath… after gazing upon me… will be his last..

For now, however… I shall enjoy a.. nice sip of hot cocoa.. and make a toast to congratulate the man who made this celebration all possible. Thank you, Speedy the Squirrel, wherever you are in this vast universe.


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