BlackHawk Laying In A Meadow

WARNING: Contains IMPLIED vore. If you do not like it, I highly suggest you turn back now and view another pic on this site, but if you don’t like it, but are brave enough to view this pic, go right on ahead. Just remember, no mean comments or I will find you! DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!

If you don’t know what vore is, here is probably the least repulsive description, which could get you to like (or just not be too disgusted by) it..:


Well here is a request/late ChristX gift for my bro  :icongenblackhawk: who wanted, and I quote:

“Well, this iw a very cute scene, and i wanna ask ya if ya want, can BlackHawk and volk have a brotherly moment after i ate him? Like, im just relaxing like lying down in the grass, patting my belly and keeping my littl3 bro safe? X3”

BlackHawk sitting in meadow

Yeah I was a little lazy so no X-rays..

BlackHawk belongs to :icongenblackhawk:


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