Personality Evolution of Volk

Well here is Volk’s evolution in terms of personality!

Evolution of Volk full

Framily Values: (For the pic I used editing to make it seem older, like 1998 tv pilot older)

So, Volk has recently lost his tail, and now he is a cold and hostile individual, who seemingly hates everyone around him. He prefers to tell others to shut up, and to destroy anyone who attempts to overtake or outwit him.

The New Adventures of Framily Values: (more editing used.. like to make the quality like the 1985 Doctor Who episodes) So now Volk has warmed up a tiny bit to his teammates, but he still is very hostile to other characters. He has a tendency to shoot anyone who crosses him, so angering him is NOT advised.

Framily Values: The Mobian Adventures (seasons 1-2) So now in May of 2015, Team Starstorm have finally arrived at Mobius, where they are forced to crash land because of something. Along the way, Volk met Taroo the Werehog (:icontaroothewerehog:‘s OC) who kindly gave him a robotic tail. That had actually reverted his personality to kind and caring, but had reverted most of his cautious behavior into paranoia, even which couldn’t save him from his eventual 1st voring incident.

Framily Values: The Mobian Adventures (seasons 3-present) From season 3 and onwards he is no longer as paranoid as he once was and is the lovable cuddly chameleon we know today!


Hope you enjoyed this!

Volk the Chameleon, Framily Values, and all of its spin-offs belong to me!!



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