OFFICIAL: Team Starstorm Logo

Hey guys! I made a logo for the Next Generation of Team Starstorm (technically the next few generations considering that takes place centuries after the original) so I thought “Why not make one for the original?

Team Starstorm Logo


Might even update the costumes if I ever get a chance!

Oh look.. a good piece of digital artwork by me.. a rare sight indeed! lol

Framily Values, Team Starstorm, and this logo belongs to MOI!



Hey guys! A long time ago my pal :iconmediamaniac0: gave me an adorable little chinchilla character!! He’s 5 and likes to wear things much too large for him! Hehe.


His name is Lytton (Anyone who can guess the reference gets a cookie, and for you health fanatics, some broccoli!) and he is the youngest of three. More info might be given soon.

Lytton belongs to moi!


And noone got the reference so all of the cookies and broccoli are MINE!!! MWAHAHAHA