OFFICIAL: Team Starstorm Logo

Hey guys! I made a logo for the Next Generation of Team Starstorm (technically the next few generations considering that takes place centuries after the original) so I thought “Why not make one for the original?

Team Starstorm Logo


Might even update the costumes if I ever get a chance!

Oh look.. a good piece of digital artwork by me.. a rare sight indeed! lol

Framily Values, Team Starstorm, and this logo belongs to MOI!



Hey guys! A long time ago my pal :iconmediamaniac0: gave me an adorable little chinchilla character!! He’s 5 and likes to wear things much too large for him! Hehe.


His name is Lytton (Anyone who can guess the reference gets a cookie, and for you health fanatics, some broccoli!) and he is the youngest of three. More info might be given soon.

Lytton belongs to moi!


And noone got the reference so all of the cookies and broccoli are MINE!!! MWAHAHAHA


Hey guys! Here’s a birthday gift for my pal :iconkawaiikoashley:! Its a picture of.. her!! (Yes I know it kinda sucks.. but it was rushed ok?)

KawaiikoAshley bday 2016

Go check out her art as well! It is so kawaii, hence the name

Volk’s Robots

Hey guys! Here are Volk’s robots in the series!!! (I NEED HELP WITH A NAME!!! I want something better than “Volkbots..” That sounds not only unoriginal, but it sounds stupid…)

Volk's Robots


Volk, a few weeks after getting his tail cut off, decided to create a robot army. He started with a prototype blueprint, but that wasn’t very equipped for hardcore battle, but he stayed and became an adviser and friend to Team Starstorm. That robot was Version 1, also known as V1. Afterwards, Volk began work on some other robot designs, which proved successful. He only built a few, one of each design, and simply cloned them to make millions. After he died, the robots began to mass produce themselves, and  even created their own planet to live on, but many of the robots decided to stay with Volk’s family, to care for them for millions of years, even up during the time of the Next Generation.

Basic Facts:

These robots, unlike many, have emotions and are normally very nurturing and caring, but can be extremely malicious and controlling when provoked.

The crystals on their heads were originally meant to be a power source, but Volk instead used them to limit their abilities. He did this on purpose: To fool enemies into thinking the crystals were their weak spot, thus they would aim for the crystals, and make the robots stronger in the process.

They became more of a “species” after Volk died, and, while very peaceful in nature, can sometimes be extremely evil, and strive for the destruction of other creatures.

Not wanting to seem like a lonely weirdo, Volk’s robots, while technically having no gender, are all male, with male voices and attitudes. To date, Volk has never had a “female” robot.

Designs shown: in order (from left to right)


The default type, these soldiers are relentless, and will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission, no matter what it may be.  They are equipped for all sorts of terrain, such as rocky, icy, and even some molten areas. One of Volk’s most dangerous foe’s are “Shadowwalkers”, who can use shadows to attack, thus he created a form of a battling bot called “Shadow Destroyers”, who can use the shadows to fight as well. He also created a type of laser resembling a flashlight that fires beams of light, and can kill Shadowwalkers instantly, if they are hit in the right place. The Shadow Destroyers look exactly like the Battling Bot shown, but black.



Doctor, Nurse, Optometrist, no matter what, these medical droids get the job done right every time!


These, next to the battle bots, are the most abundant type, and can build anything, anywhere. They were responsible for the physical creation of the Death Moon.


Well SOMEONE has to help Volk in his studies! They are also responsible for the creation of weapons on the Death Moon.


They cook the meals. Enough said.


NOT PICTURED: Nursery Bots, Janitorial Bots.


Volk the Chameleon, the Death Moon, and these robots belong to MOI!

Idk why created these.. Shadowwalkers or whatever they’re called.