Even after they were long gone, sprinkled across several starry swirls, spreading peace, he could still hear the cries of the rebels dancing in the wind, “The War is over! Hooray for Captain Speedy!” His hand slowly rose and crept towards his metallic muzzle, and suddenly CLANK! The peach flesh seemed to be littered with wrinkles, as if it had frowned upon the world for centuries. Midst that hardened battlefield bloomed a small grin, which ironed the creases into one, straight, peach blanket, as if they had been holding it back all this time. Once a face filled with utmost despair, had turned into one of.. joy.. relief..

Star Squirrel Volk unmasked


He rarely takes his mask off… but yeah..

Basically after the Zarchonian Threat has ended.. but he still kinda has Professor Nithercott to worry about..

I also made the title like that on purpose. I guess I’ll edit the italic part when I have more time.. cause I can’t make poetry off the top of my head like some people ok?

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