Dark Volk


Dark Volk full

The fire in his eyes seem to spread as he gets closer to her, blaster drawn. “You’ve always hated me.. you never wanted me to achieve my goals.. every time I tried to do something you just told me to GIVE UP! When I tried to help you… when I tried to stay away from you.. and even now, when I have no other ambitions or hopes left in the world, when I have noone else to bring me up, when I have distanced myself so far from you that you are almost nonexistent.. you still continue to provide yourself as a hinderance to my plans. Now.. it is time to remove you.”

So an old enemy of his, a friend of his recently deceased friend has shown up, and Volk is NOT happy to see her (yes, HER). He has tried to befriend her in the past, but she simply pushed him away, harshly. Everytime she and Volk have met, she has always seemed a bit harsh to Volk, and he is not willing to be intimidated any further, and has finally been pushed to the Dark Side.. can you guess who it is? (Hint, the person is NOT mine)

Well this is probably my 2nd or 3rd lineless art.. so.. what do ya think? I do have a request already on hold so please don’t ask for any right now…

Btw that blue thing is a blaster barrel.. ish thing.. it was basically this: http://www.vidolostoys.com/images/space%20blaster%20kids%20toy%20gun%20600.jpg

Volk the Chameleon and art © Me!



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