Reichenbach Battle

So here’s another pic of these 2!

Reichenbach Battle


After Jeff ignored Volksfrei’s warning, several attempts on his life were performed, one of which resulted in a wide glasgow smile on his face. Shortly after graduation, the school which they attended decided to take the students of their grade to Europe, since they had the highest scores since 1918. Jeff went sightseeing, and went to a familiar waterfall to catch a beautiful view (and to locate his next victim), however who else did he run into but Volksfrei who, knowing that noone was watching, could finally finish off his archenemy here.

He did allow Jeff to write one last letter to his friends before they engaged in deadly combat, unaware that a bunch of students were near the base of the falls, watching in horror.

One student, a yandere who’s senpai was Jeff, attempted to stab Volk, but he quickly grabbed her arm, twisted it in a circular like motion and plunged it into her abdomen, effectively killing her. Jeff now knows how far Volk is willing to go.. and they fought some more until Jeff finally grabbed Volk and cascaded into the mist..


(Based off of Sherlock Holmes: The Advenure of the Final Problem, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)


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