Framily Values: Episode I Beginnings

Location: Paxion, Viridan. Baby Boom Galaxy — March 21, 2013

It was a beautiful morning in the land of Paxion, located on the planet Viridan several galaxies beyond Earth. Located 42 miles off the coast of the mainland was a small island once part of the Crystal Empire. It was absolutely uninhabited now..or was it?

*A scene shows a house by the sea, at about 6 or 7:00 in the morning*

View-of-house-morning by Stewie106

Inside there was a large white room, fitted with a couch engulfed with sea foam green in the center, with a small coffee table in front. To the left of the couch, when the seating is facing you, is a small snow cone machine. Next to the snow cone machine is a popcorn machine! On the right of the couch is a small doorway leading into the kitchen. In the left corner of the room is a glossy black grand piano. Directly behind the couch is a hallway which includes the bedrooms, and in front of the couch is a Sony CRT Television.

A brown vole with cashew eyes wearing bright red pajamas is sitting on the couch. The vole’s name is Johnathan, but most simply call him “Johnnie”. Next to him is Madison, a Periwinkle cat with Purple hair and bright sky blue eyes, sporting some ocean blue pajamas. Most call her “Maddie”

Suddenly a rabbit bursts in, saying with a high pitched squeal, “Good Morniiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!” Her name is Carol, and she has violet fur and bright brown eyes She is currently wearing a white satin nightgown, similar to the one Willie Scott wore in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom She has a wide smile spread all around her face

Johnathan: Ahh good morning, Carol ^-^ I see you had a great rest!

Carol: *giggles* Yep! But its just such a beautiful day! I can’t help but SIIINNG!!

Madison: *Chuckles* This coming from the girl who was too afraid to sing for the 4th grade Talent Show!

V1: I see someone’s in a good mood!

Out from the kitchen came Version 1, a battle robot prototype who didn’t make it into full production, however had the ability to develop emotions over time, thus becoming a more humanoid figure. People usually refer to him as V1. He was a bright silver, and had a purple hexagon with a denim V in the middle.

Madison: Ahh good morning V1!

V1: Good morning Maddie! Stat is in the kitchen finishing up his cereal, watching Doctor Who! Hehe he loves that Tennant just as much as those LEGOs of his!

Out from the bedroom hallway emerged a tiny cerulean chameleon. He had bright wisteria eyes and a small scowl on his face. He was wearing light purple footie pajamas with white polka dots all over. To the right of his zipper, was a tiny version of the logo implanted on V1’s chest. This chameleon looked very grumpy. No tail could be seen. His name was a strange one: Volk.

Volk: *grumpily* I just came for my hot cocoa..

He reached for a jar and poured some Cocoa-Friend hot chocolate mix into a black mug with hot water inside and started stirring. The mug had the “Frasier” logo on it

Johnathan: Ahh good morning to you too, Volk.

Volk: Bah! No such thing as a “good morning”..

Madison: Come on Volk, lighten up a bit!

Volk turns around slowly

Volk: Lighten up?! 2 weeks ago I’m walking around, minding my own business, and some nut cuts off my tail and casts a de-aging spell on me! In a fit of rage I had killed him, the only one who could reverse the spell, a few minutes later and you are telling me to lighten up?!!

He was much grouchier than normal today

Johnathan: I know what’ll cheer you up!! AN ADVENTURE!!!!

Volk: Oh no no no!! I’m not going on another adventure with you! Not after last time!!

*flashback to about 5 weeks earlier at the local ice cream shop, Paradice. Volk seems much taller now, sporting a lavender overcoat and pants and a white Victorian jabot. His skin is much darker, but not navy..More of a midnight blue! Johnathan looks the same, however wearing a brash homemade gi, with clashing colors, patterns, and visual stitching.*

Volk is eating vanilla ice cream in a bowl and Johnathan is eating chocolate ice cream.

Johnathan: You know what we should do? We should go rescue a princess!!!

Volk: Hmm.. alright I’ll set up Super Mario Bros. at my house and then we can..

Johnathan: No no no, I mean.. a REAL princess!!

Volk: Johnnie, this is the 21st Century. Princesses can take care of themselves now. *takes a bite out of ice cream*

Johnathan: Exactly my point, dude! There’s this one princess I know who really needs some help! Come on we could be the last boys to ever rescue a true damsel in distress! Aside from elderly women and our mothers of course!

Volk: No, Johnnie. I am not going to go rescue a princess!

*Timeskip. Johnathan and Volk are wearing knight outfits, beating up enemy soldiers*

Volk: I feel pretty stupid…

Johnathan: Oh come on! *knocks out last guard and takes his key* All we have to do is unlock this next door and we’ve saved a princess!!

Johnathan flings the door open with pride while Volk stands right behind him, watching skeptically.


Johnathan’s jaw drops as he and Volk stare in surprise — the princess they had come to “rescue” was kneeling on her bed, making out with a beautiful female warrior princess. All around the bedroom were knocked out guards. The window was wide open, and a rope seemed to dangle from it suggesting the warrior came in through the window to save her prior to the boys’ arrival.

*Flash forward to present day*

Volk: *shudders* I did not need to see that…

Johnathan is slightly bleeding from his nose

Johnathan: Ahh… s-so hot..

Madison: Well at least be thankful we found you the night you were ambushed, Volk, before you bled out!

Volk: Yeah.. that’s one thing..

A brown ewok comes in, wearing multicolored LEGO pajamas. This is the one referred to as.. Stat

Stat: Hey, whatcha talking about?

Carol: Ahh just some things Stat! About how Volk was lucky we found him that night his tail was cut off!

Stat: Oh yeah!! You know I remember when Volk and I met..

*flashback — Late 2009*

A young Volk is seen wearing no clothes. He is shooting violet electric arcs from his hands. He is chasing some shadowy figures


Suddenly one of the figures is flung backwards. A small ewok, about 4 years old arrives. This is a young Stat

Stat: Umm.. hi

Volk: Oh hello little one! What is your name?

Stat: Umm.. I’m Stat..

Volk: Nice to meet ya Stat! I’m Volk! I’ve come because those men have my mom captive!

Stat: Hey, they have my mom captive too!!! Maybe we can work together!! I have special powers too!! Watch!

An entire tree is suddenly uplifted from its roots and thrown across the sky

Stat: my mom says its called.. telle.. kin… ses.. (telekinesis)

Volk: That is amazing!! You sure might come in handy!

Stat: Come on!! Let’s go!!!

And off they went

*Flash forward to present day*

Stat: Ahh that was a good day!

The doorbell rings, and V1 answers it. It is a small sapphire blue Trean girl appearing about 5 or 6, with beautiful yellow green eyes. She was wearing a small white shirt with a flower on it, that read “Springtime! ●ω●” She wore light brown sandals, massaging her 6 toes (on each foot) and had a small elastic tail, which seemed to split into 2 near the tip. On her head-tails, were an image of an adorable yellow canary, representing her love of birds. Her name was Polly

Polly: Good morning everyone ^-^ My uncle Otis is out in your garden searching for cool specimens!

Everyone: Hey Polly!!

Carol: Oh Stat just discussed his 1st meeting with Volk!

Polly: COOL!! Oh miss Carol, can you tell me the story of how you guys met?

Carol: Sure thing! Maddie and I met in Pre-K! Hehe we were so cute back then!! Johnnie didn’t come until Kindergarten!

Johnathan: Which was actually my 1st school grade ever! Hehe

Carol: Hehe yep! Polly we actually met you a few days after meeting Stat and Volk! We were all at this big restaurant.. Johnnie, Maddie and I were just leaving when..

*flashback to late 2011, about 8:35 p.m *

Volk is sitting alone on a bench, wearing the same light purple and white outfit as he did in Paradice. Johnathan, Madison, and Carol walk outside. Johnathan is wearing a small black jacket, Madison is wearing a blue jacket, and Carol is wearing a brown jacket, plus a brown fedora.

Volk: *sigh*

Carol: Hey look over there! *She points to Volk*

Johnathan: Hey, isn’t that the nerd from our school? Volt I think his name was?

Carol: I’mma go talk to him!

She walks over to him and sits down with a kind smile on her face.

Carol: Umm.. hey

Volk looks up shyly

Volk: Umm.. h-hello.. Aren’t you.. Carol.. from Basil Rathbone Elementary?

Carol: *nods* Mhm. What’s the matter?

Volk: Well.. its just that I have nothing to do on this night.. most of my friends have either moved or have dates or something.. My tv is broken and I won’t have the tools to fix it till next Saturday… So I came here to.. ponder some things..

Carol: Aww is that all? Well we can have fun together.. if you want to be friends, I mean…

Volk: Umm, sure thing!

Volk gets a small, shy smile on his face from Carol’s compassion

Carol: Great!! Umm.. why is it that you never talk to anyone?

Volk: I.. I must confess.. I’m a bit.. shy..

Carol: Aww that’s nothing to be ashamed of! Come on, I’ll introduce you to Johnnie and Maddie!

She signals them over and she introduces them

Johnathan: Ahh so you’re just shy is all eh? Hehe don’t worry! We’ll make sure you have fun tonight!!

*a small Ewok emerges from the Boys’ Restroom*

Stat: I’m back!

Madison: Aww who’s this little guy? He’s so cute!! ^-^

Volk: Hehe that’s my little buddy Stat

Carol walks over and tickles him under his chin

Carol: Hehe your friend is so adorable!!

Stat starts blushing

Stat: hehe thank you ^-^! Hey isn’t this..

Volk: Carol from our school? Yes it is! And these are her friends, Johnathan and Madison! You said you were bored right?

Stat: mhm

Johnathan: Well not as long as we’re around! Come on! let’s go!!

*Flash forward to present day*

Madison: Oh that was a lovely day indeed!!!

Johnathan: Yeah!! A few days after Mr. Smith brought Polly in for “Bring Your Child To Work Day”! hehe. She was so cute!

V1: And still is!

Polly blushes, smiles, and giggles.

Polly: Wait.. what about V1?

Johnathan: Oh yeah, Volk built V1 nearly a day after the ambush! He was planning to make some sort of  “army”! Hehe.

V1: I’m pleased with the result! hehe

*Suddenly a 5 note whistle is heard coming from outside*

Polly: Oh, that’s my uncle calling! Bye!!!

Everyone: Bye!!!

Polly skips out the door

Stat: Ahh I am so glad we met the way we did

Volk: Yes yes.. but I still hate mornings..

Johnathan: Well I know what’ll cheer you up! A video!!! *He pulls out a small VHS tape and puts it in*

The tape shows a video apparently taken from a cell phone, showing the princess and warrior princess making out on the bed

Johnathan blushes as Volk turns red with anger

Johnathan: *chuckles nervously* .. Wrong tape?


Volk chases Johnathan around in a fit of rage, while everyone else laughs



Johnathan: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

The End

Hey guys! This is the 1st written adventure of the revamped Framily Values.. no longer ordinary fan characters, but an original story filled with ADVENTURE!!!!

I know its not that awesome, but keep in mind I’m bad at actually writing things.. People like LGee14, Spaceguy222, and19andMugsy are older and way more experienced, and therefore have a better chance than me

I hope I am able to improve soon, and I am so sorry that I had to write so long.. but hey its better than waiting 6 years to complete 1 episode right?

Stat the Ewok belongs to my brother Chicragger

The Baby Boom Galaxy is in real life

Everyone/everything else, including Viridan, Paxion, the Trean species, Paradice, and Cocoa-Friend belong to MOI!

And now I’m about to watch the new Charlie Brown movie!! HOORAY


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