Novina and Solaria

Hey guys!!! Final gift for tonight, here is a (late) Christmas gift for  :iconspaceguy222:

Novina and Solaria

This is a picture of his OC’s Novina and Solaria! (EXCLUSIVE to the Star Squirrel universe)

Umm.. yeah I failed ish.. I tried to make them look cute and failed! I suck at drawing girls.. ESPECIALLY one’s in 2 pieced clothing *cough*Novina*cough* but as long as they don’t kill me I’m fine. I don’t spend all of my time looking at girls just to learn how to draw them! I mean who does that?! (don’t answer that.. lol)

I also fail at drawing tails…. I HATE drawing tails they are SO HARD!!

These are 2 very cute characters, I really enjoyed drawing them, hope you like it Speedster, and I wish I could possess your drawing skills

Speedy is senpai!!

Novina, Solaria, The Alyian species, and the Star Squirrel storyline belong to  :iconspaceguy222:!!


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