Star Squirrel Volk

EDIT: Just noticed a little plot hole concerning Star Squirrel, so I have edited the storyline

Hey guys remember this?

Well I’ve created another picture and sorta revamped the storyline!!

Star Squirrel Volk






So here’s how it went..

Volk Quartzlrix Chameleon was born in the jungle section of the planet Viridan, which rained frequently. He lived happily with his parents and his sister Alyssa, who was 1 year younger than him. The point of change from the 2 storylines began when he ws 5 years old, shortly after Volk gained his electric powers after being i forced into the nearby power plant by a dark personage who had captured his mom. The difference: His mom had died.

Volk’s heart was torn apart, rent at the seams. He solemnly receded into his home, only coming out when it was necessary to protect Alyssa or to help his father with an errand. 4 years later, he was returning with his sister from a short errand, when he saw their home completely destroyed. In the wreckage, they located none other than their father’s lifeless body, smothered in the red thick liquid that flows through everyone’s veins, which was followed by a mutual cascade of tears between the 2 chameleons, now alone in the world.

They had relocated to a castle far on the outskirts of Paxion, overlooking the Serenity Ocean. Here the chameleons stayed for 2 years, and evolved over that time. Alyssa became a bit more social and had a little friend group, while Volk became more distant and quiet, only talking to Alyssa and sometimes her friends.

Things took a turn for the worse when Volk had reluctantly left Alyssa in the care of one of her much older friends, who agreed to look after her while Volk went to get food. He returned to see his castle ransacked and Alyssa’s friend dead, but Alyssa herself was nowhere to be seen. There were some strange footprints, which led to the deduction that someone or a group of people came in. Volk had gotten so conflicted with despair and anger that he transformed into Super Volk, causing mass destruction for about 2 hours. When he finally calmed down, he decided to flee the planet, having noone else to hold him down.

He soon constructed a battle robot from parts he found in a junkyard not far from his castle, which he then cloned to make millions. He made blueprints for thousands of different kinds of robots, including Medical, Constructional, and Guardian, which were made, then cloned. With billions of robots at his command, he then ordered them to build a gigantic orbital space station, which he christened… the Death Moon. He decided to travel the galaxy, rescuing innocents whenever required, in an attempt to mend his broken heart.

Before the Zarchonian Invasion, he had traveled to a planet in pursuit of a group of bounty hunters that were terrorizing the star system when he was 16, where he discovered a secret criminal organization hidden in plain sight all throughout the universe. Their symbol matched that of the symbol found at the sites of his dead father and his ransacked castle, meaning they were the ones that completely destroyed his life. The leader turned out to be none other than college professor Ordan Nithercott, who had fled to his personal starship as Volk approached his home. He revealed himself via video chat while Volk had stationed himself in Nithercott’s study. Volk then dedicated his life to hunting Nithercott and making him pay.

In his 20s, he became the temporary Admiral and leader of the Zarchonian Rebels during the Zarchonian invasion. His robotic encasement began at age 20, when he was caught in a duel with the Zarchonian leader (King? Overlord? idk) in a factory. As Volk was about to finish the evil leader, one of the soldiers fired upon him, allowing the leader to escape, but obliterating a control panel which caused an explosion that damaged the entire left side of Volk’s body. Luckily the Medical droids were able to beam him back aboard the Death Moon and encase that half in a suit, allowing him to live. However, the scanner allowed Volk to anticipate his opponent’s attacks and counteract them, making him an even more dangerous foe.

He was 21 years old when Captain Speedy the Squirrel had saved the entire universe from the Zarchonians, and upon hearing this news, returned the Zarchonians to a peaceful planet on the outskirts of the star system. He felt absolute relief for the 1st time in years. However he still travels the universe, searching for the ruthless professor. Will he cross paths with the S.S. Explorer team? Only time will tell..

His weapons include:

A Zarchonian weapon resembling a staff – Taken as a souvenir from the very Zarchonian who cut off his tail

Energy Blades: He has energy blades which can emerge from 2 metal plaques on his hands at will

Energy shields: He has armor shielding his legs, shoulders, and upper arms – made out of pure energy (the shields) like the energy blades

Electricity: He rarely uses this, but he can shoot electric arcs from his fingertips

Lightsaber: Volk has a curved purple lightsaber which he uses against enemies with energy like staffs

Antarian Gem (Violet): Basically his equivalent of a Silver Ring, When wielded he gets increased strength and wider ability range

He also has an array of blasters and bombs for nearly every situation.. plus an army of robot soldiers

Also, he has a slight fear of Alyains due to their ability to digest metal.


Ok that’s it.. sorry for making you read so much!!

Volk and his storyline belongs to moi!

Star Squirrel, Its storyline,  The Zarchonians, and the Silver Ring belong to:iconspaceguy222:


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