Channel 42

Hey guys!!

Umm.. I’m starting my Christmas gifts VERY late, but even if I did start them earlier I wouldn’t be able to complete all of them, so throughout the year I will be making Christmas gifts for all of my friends on deviantART!

I’ve already drawn Sweetblossoms1’s and I already have an idea Camiwin’s, but for the rest of you I kinda need to know what you’d like me to draw.. NO nudity or perverted things please!

Channel 42

So here is a gift for my very 1st friend on deviantART, the amazing :iconvinchinderlous:! She has been there since the beginning, through thick and thin, even when I thought she was a boy (period troubles revealed the truth O.O) So Vinchinderlous.. thank you so very much!!

This is a pic of her.. “character”ish.. Channel 42.. since idk what else to draw her..

I know, its pretty crude but I’m at my Polar Express party and now I have to be “social”

So Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy this!!

This person belongs to  :iconvinchinderlous:


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