ChristX Comic #1 – Uncolored

I had no time to color this so yeah

Hey guys this is the 1st of probably 3 or 4 Christmas comics I will be making! This is #1 (although this is the second page I made)

Christmas Comic 1


Johnathan: Volk, what are you doing?

Volk: I am keeping the “Elf on the Shelf” under close surveillance!

Johnathan: What? Why?

Volk: It could very well be plotting our downfall!!

Johnathan: Wait what? Why would one of Santa’s elves try to kill us?

Volk: Could be a double agent, Johnnie..

Johnathan: Volk, this is ridiculous!

Volk: Oh yeah, and a fat man riding around in a carriage commandeered by flying reindeer isn’t!

Johnathan: Oh forget it.. trying to beat you is like trying to win an argument against a girl.. I’ll just go kiss Maddie under the mistletoe..

Volk: Ya huh have fun with that..

Hours Later

(Volk is sleeping on the couch, but the Elf is watching him)

Elf on the Shelf: *on walkie-talkie* This is shelf Elf 262, Operation Supernova is a go! 1st target, Volk the Chameleon!

(The Elf is holding a small dagger.)

Volk: ah…. ah..

(The Elf charges at Volk)

Volk: *sneezes adorably*

(The sneeze caused his body to electrify for a split second, and one of the bolts had shocked the Elf, causing it to fall backwards off the couch)

Elf on the Shelf: AAAARGH!!

In the Morning

Johnathan: Volk, why is the Elf on the Shelf fried? And has a knife in its chest?

Volk: *sleepily* Dunno.. probably the… huh? *looks at Elf*

Elf’s Walkie Talkie: Elf 262? Have you killed Team Starstorm yet? Come in!



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