Ryan’s Star Wars Comic

Hey guys!!!!! Last week, my 10 year old brother Ryan drew this amazing Star Wars comic, and I wanted to post it so bad.. but I forgot to do it until about Saturday, then some things happened so I wasn’t able to scan it till now!! ^-^



SRyan's SW Comic

(for those who can’t understand my bro’s handwriting)

Darth Vader: Join me son

Luke: Are you kidding? You cut my hand off, then say JOIN ME? I mean look! I don’t have a hand!!!

*line: Where a hand should be*

Luke: SO NO!

Darth Vader: but



End Credits Scene (I guess)

*Jars say: (top row) Lightning Cream, Gamma Radiation Cream, Zombie Attack Cream

(bottom row: Burn cream, arrow: Where severed hand cream should be, Rash Cream)

Girl (Who I guess is Leia): Yeah, I don’t have any Severed Hand cream in stock



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