Happy New Years 2016

Happy New Years 2016


*in the Death Moon*

Johnathan: Do I really have to wear this ridiculous penguin suit?

Volk: Well everyone else is dressing up for their New Years Eve parties so we might as well..

Johnathan: But noone will even come to ours!! Everyone else will be hanging out with their friends and boyfriends and girlfriends.. and besides.. we’re having ours in a space station high above the planet!! How will they even get here?!

Volk: Eh they always find a way somehow..

Madison: Plus you look so sharp!! ^-^

Johnathan: I’m only doing this for Maddie…. *looks at Madison* You’re lucky you’re cute…

Madison: Meow ●ω●

So this is it… New Years Eve.. one more day till this SON OF CRAP YEAR is finally OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So anyways.. Happy New Years Eve everyone.. and I wish you an amazing new year.. or at least one better than this one.. >.<


Framily Values: Episode III Training

Location: Crystal Island, Paxion: 42 miles off the mainland coastline — March 22, 2013,  8:31, a.m

Today is just as any other day for the heroes.. except today is.. Training Day. As said in an earlier episode, these pals were, in fact, superheroes. Perhaps an explanation for this is in order.

Johnathan, Madison, Stat, Carol, Volk, and V1 were all part of an elite fighting force known only as Team Starstorm, who fought for peace and justice on Viridan. Each of these friends had special orbs of immense power, which when brought together, allowed the users to accomplish anything!  They could also be used to summon a special weapon that only one with that specific orb in their possession could hold. The orbs, known only as the Orbs of Friendship, came in different assorted colors, which represented an important quality of friendship:

Johnathan possessed the red orb, which symbolized Courage. He could hold a sword which could cut through any material in the universe.

Madison carried the yellow orb, representing Selflessness. She could summon a barrier to protect her companions from harm.

Stat retained the green orb, which contained Strength. He could summon a celestial fist to knock down anything in his path.

Carol obtained the pink orb, permeated with Compassion. She had the power to heal her fallen friends.

Volk was bestowed with the violet orb which was occupied by the power of Empathy, which allowed him to sense the presence of any organism, no matter how deep they are in the universe.

Finally, V1, while only about 2 weeks old, he took the mantle of keeping the blue orb of Trust, which has the ability to combine the properties of the other orbs.

Together…. they can perform a finishing move, PK Starstorm, 6 times more powerful than one person could possibly have performed by themselves..

They had a Virtual Reality simulator in use for a training room, invented by the tsundere genius himself, Volk. They were in the VR Room when…..

Johnathan: Alright then, Let er rip!

Volk pressed a few buttons on the control pad. The room began to metamorphosize from a small space aged blue computer grid from the 80’s to a dense, forested area, resembling those deep in the hills of Japan. Out from the shadows, a horde of ancient warriors surged forward. They donned a convention of uniforms, but all had one thing in common, a logo — A blood red owl print, with the base slashed — the symbol of Johnathan’s ancient enemy, Du Hai.

One of the men leaped towards Johnathan, who wore a pale, royal blue ensemble, fitted with deep, cloudy metal plates, with a katana. Johnnie quickly sidestepped and kicked him in his back sharply, forcing him into a nearby tree. Following that attack, many others joined in the assault, Johnathan quickly fending them off with the skills of a true martial arts master.

Volk: And….. TIME!

Volk shut off the simulator and readied it for Madison.

Johnathan: Come on, that was too easy!

Stat: Oh no, don’t say that Johnnie! Remember what happened before!

*flashback to about last week*

Johnathan: *spin kicking some enemies* Come on Volk, this is wayy too easy!!!

Volk: You want hard… ok.. I’ll give you hard..

The skies grow dark… Du Hai suddenly surfaces and begins to wear down Johnnie, attacking with the skills of a super sayain.

Johnathan: *Attempting to defend himself* No no I didn’t mean this…

Du Hai claws him in the heart and the simulation ends

Volk: 6 seconds.. took him 6 seconds to kill you..

Johnathan: *on the ground, with no visible wounds* Shut up…

*flash forward to present day*

Madison: *going down the stairs* Yeah, Johnnie, don’t get cocky!

Johnathan: *grumbles* I’ll show you cocky..

She opens the side door and walks into the main simulator, the others watching intently from an above booth.

Volk: Alright, whenever you’re ready!

Madison holds a thumbs up, and Volk sets the VR simulator to a volcanic arena. The ground is a metal floor grating with a hexagonal pattern. In the center of the arena is a cesspool of scorching lava. Several Buzztors, humanoid figures with bright red fly-like eyes and olive colored skin leap down from the sides of the slick volcanic walls. Madison twirls around them with the grace of a ballet dancer, launching many into one another, and kicking some into the lava pool.

Volk: Excellent work, Maddie!

He turns off the simulation and Maddie trades places with Stat, who, while being the youngest of the group, is not to be underestimated.

Stat: LETS DO THIS!!!!

The room transforms to a wide open plain, where several artillery cannons fire at the young Ewok, who telepathically forces the ammuniton back into the barrel of the cannons, completely obliterating them. A wave of opponents soon arrived, but Stat quickly used his mind to swat them away, using the demolished cannons as a bat. The simulator was soon turned off, signaling the end of Stat’s reign of triumph.

Stat: Awww I was just beginning to have fun!!!

Carol: Yeah, but I want some fun too!!

Carol waltzes down the stairs, her authentic Indiana Jones whip grasp firmly in hand. Volk turns on the simulator and she is met in a jungle like area. Nothing happens at first, but suddenly… SHHHRK! An arrow flew past her head swifter than a peregrine falcon, barely missing the tip of her nose. A flurry of arrows followed, but Carol cartwheeled and somersaulted over them like they were no big deal at all..

She was then met by a frigid tundra.. a sharp contrast to the dense rainforest she was just in. Warriors of ice soon came after her, with arrows and ray guns. They fired immediately upon laying their cold blue eyes on her, but she dodged them with the flexibility of a cat. As the distance between her opponents and herself decreased, she grappled her whip and in a flash, she had obtained a weapon — a ray gun from one of the warrior’s frigid crystal hands.

She seemed to go beserk, firing an endless amount of ammunition at the soldiers, causing them to disintegrate. She seemed unstoppable, until Volk switched her simulation off.

Carol: Awww darn!!!!!

Volk: Yes, yes you’ve proved your point.. now can I go so we can all relax?

Carol sighs and walks out of the Simulator, leaving only Volk to train, as V1 had trained 2 hours prior.

V1 presses a few buttons on the control pad, causing the VR Room to shimmer until it was stopped by a dark, rocky area. Volk had come face to face with an army of about 50 to 60 robots, armed with heavy artillery, all by himself.. however that didn’t stop Volk, who in a matter of seconds, used his electric powers to completely disassemble a few robots, then take one of their weapons to completely obliterate the others, taking the time to leap on one’s back and twist its head off in a very violent matter.

The mirage disappears and Volk returns to the booth, completely unharmed.

Johnathan: Alright, so now that training is over, who wants ice cream?

Everyone perks up at that notion



Volk: Put sprinkles on and I’ll kill you!

The End..

Eh… I couldn’t think of anything else!

The next episode you get to read about the 1st villain battle!! Hooray!


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Nina the Squirrel

Alright! Here’s a request for my pal :iconpaiinting:, who wanted a picture of her character, Nina the Squirrel!!


Nina the Squirrel

*Ahem*, I really enjoyed making this adorable character of yours, even if I failed to make her look cute! If I ever do get the opportunity/permission to draw this character again, heck yes I will do it! I hope you like it!!

Nina the Squirrel belongs to :iconpaiinting:

All rights reserved

Ask the Cast #22 – Happy New Year, Volk

WARNING: Contains vore. If you do not like it, I highly suggest you turn back now and view another pic on this site, but if you don’t like it, but are brave enough to view this pic, go right on ahead. Just remember, no mean comments or I will find you! DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!

If you don’t know what vore is, here is probably the least repulsive description, which could get you to like (or just not be too disgusted by) it..:


Well I finally changed that background.. too tie-dye for me..

Asked by setosorcerer32


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