Happy Thanksgiving 2015


Hey guys… well I have a few things to say….

First wish a happy birthday to :iconlittlemissmaehem: and everyone else who’s birthday is today!

2. I may or may not make a Thanksgiving picture.. depends on my time amount

3. You wanna know what I’m thankful for?

I’m thankful that I still have my life..

That I still get good grades..

That I have wonderful friends who care about me..

That I have an amazing family.. 2 annoying butt brothers that I love so much

That I had an awesome grandma.. while it lasted…. (This is my 1st Thanksgiving without her… *tears up*) She used to cook everything.. idk what I’m gonna do now..

Anyways.. while I cry here’s something for your amusement.. I made this last year on Thanksgiving.

Plus this girl, :iconjayworx: needs commissions.. and yeah

IN NEED OF SOME HELPthe holidays are rolling around and im a bit broke, so im kicking my commissions into overdrive. i need the other slots filled up but i cant seem to advertise them enough to do so
if anyone could help advertise by creating a journal linking to my commissions or at least my page, that would be great. thanks :thanks:
quick link to my commissions:

Also.. give sympathy for my pal :iconkarkatbuttass:.. his sister.. died… of YOU GUESSED IT, OUR OL’ PAL CANCER!!! *gets more teary* ISN’T THAT JUST SWELL?!

Sometimes I have a hard time believing…My sister died of cancer… MY SISTER DIED OF CANCER. MY SISTER GOT TORN AWAY BY FUCKING CANCER. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.




and here’s a lazy pic to commemorate the occasion…

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

and one more thing..




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