Black Hawk Ate Someone

WARNING: Contains vore. If you do not like it, I highly suggest you turn back now and view another pic on this site, but if you don’t like it, but are brave enough to view this pic, go right on ahead. Just remember, no mean comments or I will find you!

If you don’t know what vore is, here is probably the least repulsive description, which could get you to like (or just not be too disgusted by) it..:

OMG! A LOOOOOOONG overdue request for my bro GenBlackHawk! You probably don’t even remember requesting this!! Lol

He requested (like 2-3 months ago O.O) for me to draw his OC Black Hawk with a vore belly

Long overdue request colored



I failed with the wings..

Hope you like it dude, and I’m sorry for making you wait 10 years.. lol


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