Last pic I’m posting tonight

Ok so this is a random pic.. it sucks cause it was made on MSPaint.. cause Pixlr wasn’t working..

He’s pretty mad at you Gareth.. lol

And now.. Bio

Name/Gem: Axinite
Gender Association: (because gems are genderless) Male
Height: 6 “3
Gem Weapon: a curved lightsaber with a purple blade
Gem Placement: On his right hand
Personality: Mostly cold to nearly everyone.. seems to have only anger and hatred in his emotions
Voice: A stern robotic voice with a slight echo. Will turn into a staccatismo when angry
Likes: The cold, Technology, Being alone, Vengeance, Being right, His teammates (to an extent)
Dislikes: Gem Homeworld, Betrayal, Being wrong, Pretty much everything
Background: Axinite was created illegally by a rogue Homeworld scientist in the arctic regions of the Gem Homeworld, which is why he can withstand extremely cold temperatures. The scientist was on the run from Homeworld soldiers after attempting to create an unauthorized experiment. Therefore, he does not have an official file of his creation. Several years before the war, he met Golden Jubilee, a small but energetic gem, and his sweet girlfriend, Pink Star, and they became best friends. However, early during the war that all changed when the Homeworld Gems started recruiting every single gem on Homeworld to fight the Crystal Gems. Axinite’s “mother” was killed by the soldiers prior to that, and he began to fight the soldiers secretly. They planned to invade Earth earlier than they did, but Axinite sabotaged their Gem Ships before then, causing them to explode. He then proceeded to flee Homeworld, but Golden Jubilee caught up with him, revealing that he had joined the Homeworld army. After a short talk, they had a brutal lightsaber duel, ending in Axinite blowing up a platform, causing a rift between the 2 combatants.. Golden Jubilee foolishly tried to jump across to his once friend, and fell due to his legs being too short, but he miraculously came out unharmed, while going to develop a suit to make him taller. Axinite then fleed in his personal gem ship, but was shot down by Homeworld Forces and was forced to crash land in Don Juan Pond.. where he made a secret base under the ice.
Fun Facts: Axinite rarely smiles.. mostly because of the mass betrayal by his friends
He is an extremely scientific and technological.. he has an entire array of hand forged weapons including a 64 ion blaster and a small rod called the Hypersonic Dematerializer which can transport anything on the planet to anywhere, as long as he knows where the object he wants to transport is. This is a useful advantage as he can grab any of his weapons at anytime by simply carrying the rod.
He does not like to fight with his gem weapon. He prefers sending robots or using technology, and only uses his gem weapon as a last resort
He has the power to suck the energy, and in some cases life force of his enemies by holding them with his bare hands. It makes them weaker in hand to hand combat allowing him to conquer them easily
He trusts very little people.. even his teammates in the Galactic Gems


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