OMG A REQUEST?! I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS THAT FAMOUS!! Lol kidding noone knows me.

So this is a request for CelestiaStellaBailey. She wanted a picture of her OC StellaBailey wearing Nobita’s clothing. Not sure if you wanted glasses so I just left them off:

CelestaStellaBailey request


StellaBailey belongs to  CelestiaStellaBailey

Nobita belongs to Fujiko Fujio



Hey guys!!!

Well if you haven’t seen :iconcute-labradorite:‘s journal about her wanting some people to make requests for her.. here it is

So anyways.. I’ve taken it upon myself to make one for her.. (I scrolled down her comments section and found out what she wanted us to draw) So yeah..

So this is her character Labra in her newest form.

2015-2016 Labra colored


I have been wanting to make Labra in her original form for a while now.. but I’m going to have to ask permission for that.. so might do that soon if permission…. permits it.. idk

I tried to make her look cute and I failed.. Well Labra, pal… I hope you like it.. and I wish I could draw as well as you!

Happy Thanksgiving 2015


Hey guys… well I have a few things to say….

First wish a happy birthday to :iconlittlemissmaehem: and everyone else who’s birthday is today!

2. I may or may not make a Thanksgiving picture.. depends on my time amount

3. You wanna know what I’m thankful for?

I’m thankful that I still have my life..

That I still get good grades..

That I have wonderful friends who care about me..

That I have an amazing family.. 2 annoying butt brothers that I love so much

That I had an awesome grandma.. while it lasted…. (This is my 1st Thanksgiving without her… *tears up*) She used to cook everything.. idk what I’m gonna do now..

Anyways.. while I cry here’s something for your amusement.. I made this last year on Thanksgiving.

Plus this girl, :iconjayworx: needs commissions.. and yeah

IN NEED OF SOME HELPthe holidays are rolling around and im a bit broke, so im kicking my commissions into overdrive. i need the other slots filled up but i cant seem to advertise them enough to do so
if anyone could help advertise by creating a journal linking to my commissions or at least my page, that would be great. thanks :thanks:
quick link to my commissions:

Also.. give sympathy for my pal :iconkarkatbuttass:.. his sister.. died… of YOU GUESSED IT, OUR OL’ PAL CANCER!!! *gets more teary* ISN’T THAT JUST SWELL?!

Sometimes I have a hard time believing…My sister died of cancer… MY SISTER DIED OF CANCER. MY SISTER GOT TORN AWAY BY FUCKING CANCER. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.




and here’s a lazy pic to commemorate the occasion…

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

and one more thing..




Hey guys! Another gift for my awesome pal TungleRegrea of deviantART!

I simply drew her OC Bullet..

Bullet colored



Eh I wish I had the art skills that she possesses.. I know its not that great but.. hope you enjoy it..

I think I kinda overdid it with the hair.. and I fail at blushes..

Plus Idk if the blue shoes fit, but I don’t know the color of her shoes, so I just used her favorite color..


Bullet belongs to TungleRegrea