Carol the Rabbit Reference Sheet

Original one by AmandaLyn11 here

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Name (Nickname):

Carol the Rabbit (doesn’t have one)







List three to five most important things about your character.

Is very kind, arch-nemesis was once her best friend, loves Indiana Jones, Is a triplet

–Physical Details–

Build/Body Type/Physical Frame:

She is very thin basically around the hips, torso, upper and lower body,


5′ 2″ (1.57 m)


42 lb. (17.6901024 kg)


Her fur is a light purple color




Light Brown


Watching Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies


She speaks like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, just a tad bit older sounding..


She has a very adventurous style, always wearing a jacket and hat, and carrying a whip, like Dr Jones


Most days she wears an outfit similar to Indiana Jones


Part One: Basic Info

Loves/Favorites: Her friends, Indiana Jones

Hates: D.O.O.M.E, being scared




She is able to take other’s weapons with her whip

Hopes/Dreams: To meet Harrison Ford

Fears/Nightmares: For her friends to die, leaving her all alone

Best Quality:

She will not let anyone push her over,

Greatest Flaw:

She is sometimes naive

Character Strengths:

Strong character, grace

And the coinciding weaknesses:

Coldness, Cat pictures


When she vores someone, she always jumps on them first

One thing he/she is and one thing he/she is not.

She is very cute, but she is not defenseless

Part Two: In-depth Analysis

How does the character picture himself/herself?

She thinks she is a good friend

How do others see him/her?


Five adjectives that he/she would use to describe his/herself.

Reasonable, Friendly, Loving, Smart, and Caring

Five adjectives others would use to describe him/her.

Friendly, Cute, Graceful, Easygoing, and Amazing

Most valued possession:

Her whip

Darkest secret and/or treasured memory:

Darkest Secret: Her friend was turned evil after an attempted robbery in a cryogenics factory

Treasured Memory: Watching Madison win a competition

Most proud accomplishment and or greatest failure:

Proud Accomplishment: Beating her arch-nemesis

Is he/she motivated by possibility or necessity?


Current motivation:

Motivated by her friends

How does he/she view the future and/or the past?

She views the future as a pathway of endless possilbilities

What is his/her philosophy on life and death?

She doesn’t care; V1 does all of the philosophy.

What kind of energy level do they usually have?

She’s is very perky

How does he/she show and/or handle: love, affection, grief, pain, anger, sadness, conflict, change, loss?

Love: ears spring up

Affection: Hugs

Grief/Sadness/Loss: she breaks down, crying profusely

Anger: She usually tries to keep quiet, but she will turn from a nice girl to the meanest person ever if she can’t stand it anymore

Conflict: she tries to stay out of it..

Change: Many times she can accept it.. unless it makes someone else suffer

Does he/she have a temper?

Its a good temper, but she WILL beat you down if it is set off.

How does he/she respond to the surrounding world, the ‘unfamiliar,’ and other people in general?

She is very accepting

Polite or rude?


Stingy or generous?


What kind of ‘public’ face does he/she display?

She is happy in public

Leader or a follower?

Follower: She doesn’t want to seem ruthless or unreasonable

More happy by themselves or in a group?

In a group: She feels safer around her friends

Does he/she have any addictions/dependencies/fixations/fetishes/ or other strange behavior?


What is his/her sexual preference/experience/values?

she is into guys if that is what you mean. NEXT!



Modern-day Mobius. she lives on Crystal Island, an island 42 miles of the coast of South Island

Intelligence Level:


Short Term Goals:


Long Term Goals:

to make sure everyone is happy!


Madison is like an older sister to her, She has two other sisters named Cookies and Mint. They are triplets.


Johnathan the Hedgehog, Madison the Cat, Stat the Fox, Volk the Chameleon, V1, Ethan Bruin, Madison the Cat


Its a work-in-progress


Physical Strength:

Not very strong physically


Powerful hand-eye coordination

Fighting Style:

Keeps her distance until she steals a weapon

Unusual Abilities/Powers:


Weapons/Other Gear:

Has a whip

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