How To Make: Sparkly Rainbow

Hey guys. A few minutes earlier I uploaded a picture of a sparkly rainbow on Deviantart. You can see it here

Here I will Show you how to make a rainbow background of your own.

How to make sparkly rainbow

Step 1:

Open a Pixlr, Photoshop, or whatever program that allows you to make multiple layers and start with a gradient. It should look like this and have the following colors:

ff0004 (red)

ff7700 (dark orange.) This space was an accident, so you don’t have to put this one

ffc75e (yellow orange)

fcff5e (yellow)

c1ff5e (light green)

00ffcc (cyan)

5d33a6 (Indigo)

df5eff (light purple/lavender)

ff00fb (pink)

You may repeat as many times as you like!

Change the layer settings to “Add” and Make another layer under it. Choose any picture you’d like and it will look amazing!

Well, ciao for now!


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