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Yesterday I added stamps to my  DA page


Sonic High Volk: TOTSS *ARC III*

Ok, here is the 3rd version of Volk’s TOTSS Suits..


This design is based off of the armor of Star Wars’ General Maximillian Veers. In this version, he commands an army of robots to attempt a takeover, but there was a flaw in the robots deliberately placed by one of the nerds, who had fallen in love with one of the artists at school, therefore, Volk never got to use the robots..

Sonic High Volk: TOTSS *ARC I*

Hey guys, this is Dr Volk, or now known as Stewie106 with another thing.

You remember my Idea for Sonic High Volk a few months back. Well this time he has an evil plan..

*In my bio…* Last year, Volk wore a black unitard with a large helmet on his head to the school’s semi-annual costume party. The helmet was a mind control device, and he held a remote in his hand. This was the first of his many suits which he called TOTSS: Take Over The School Suit(s).

This is his ARC (not Mark) I suit, which  I already explained what it consisted of. It was very simple. All he had to do was place several tags on every student (and teacher) in the school, and then concentrate on the person he wants to control. Then, while still concentrating, he points the remote, and presses the “Activate” button, and then holds the “Command button.” Then every command is not spoken, but telepathically sent to the victim’s brain, and they will continue to follow his command until he releases them from control, or, for most victims, has water splashed on his or her face.

There is 1 catch, however. He can only have 3 people in his control at a time, or else the helmet would short-circuit, which proved a fatal flaw.. Noone knew it was him for quite some time. Here is a picture of the suit:


Ah, more Ideas..