Hey guys! In the far future, I will make a series based after the game, ESWAT: City Under Siege


This takes place 3 years after the final battle in Framily Values. Johnathan, Stat, and Volk had joined the police force 2 years prior to the story, and now they are full ESWAT operatives. V1 is also a member. With the new and improved ICE Combat suits, which turn into backpacks to save time and energy, they must face off against old villains with new tricks, and an organization which plans to rebuild E.Y.E (the main antagonist of ESWAT: City Under Siege, which I thought spelled E.V.E) and take over the world.

These are the 3 original members of their squadron, which will add more people beginning in Season 2 (no spoilers!! 😈 )


Hello Commenter, I'm Listening

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