Happy Birthday LGee14 2015

Hey guys. In a few moments, it will be the birthday of LGee14 (his 20th I think, idk his age), which coincidentally is 2 days after my daddy’s birthday! I have decided to make him a gift, whether he sees it or not: LGee14's Birthday Present 2015 Here, Rouge is in a detention cell aboard the Death Moon, where her archenemies Cameron the Dragon (LGee14) Sally Acorn, and Volk the Chameleon are watching her, silently gloating. Turns out, Volk had actually made a cell JUST FOR ROUGE! Their rivalry must go way back then. Yes the picture is a little crooked but you get the idea. P.S the capsule behind Rouge is her bathroom. I don’t want to see her doing her business!!

Anyways, LGee14, if you are seeing this, Happy birthday, and I wish you many more. (I am also sorry that I suck at drawing!)

Cameron the Dragon © LGee14

Sally Acorn & Rouge the Bat © SEGA

Volk the Chameleon © ME!!!!


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