Volk Emoticlones

Hey guys! What if a mysterious force separates Volk into his different emotions? Emoticlones if you will (Teen Titans reference)

Lets look at them all!

Red (Anger)

Angry Volk

Red is the angry Volk… He fights a lot and gets mad for no reason..


– Red Volk to Green Speedy after thinking he (Red Volk) was a girl..

Yellow (Timid)

Timid Volk

Yellow is the timid Volk. He is scared of nearly everything and will not hesitate to scream like a little baby


– Yellow Volk after seeing a spider

Green (Happy)

Happy Volk

Green is happy about everything, even things that would be considered morbid..

“You may not be in the best condition, but now you can rest eternally!!!”

-Green Volk, talking to a dead guy.

Dark Blue (Sad)

Sad Volk

Dark Blue represents the sad side of Volk. He will cry about anything..

“But then he’ll be too busy to see us.. then he’ll forget us… then.. then.. WAHHH!!!”

-Sad crying over one of his friend’s discovery that he (the friend) is a prince.

Black (Uninterested)

Uninterested Volk

Black doesn’t really care about anything

“Eh… Call me when Batman starts..”

– Black Volk, talking to a fighting couple..

Peach (Shy)

Shy Volk

Peach represents the shy side of Volk, preferring to keep to himself than speak his mind to keep the peace.

I don’t want them to hurt each other, but I might just make it worse..

– Peach Volk thinking about talking to 2 arguing friends

Orange (Evil)

Evil Volk

Orange is a much darker side of the evil Volk you see in the Framily values comics, as he is very homicidal. He laughs like the Batman: The Animated Series Joker.

“Its the end of the line, Spoody! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Orange Volk confident that he will beat Speedy Squirrel.

Light Purple (Brainy)

Brainy Volk

Light Purple is a genius when it come to.. well anything

“According to my calculations..”

– What Light Purple says to start a lecture on a current predicament

Pink (Klutz)

Klutz Volk

Pink represents the klutzy side. He runs into things a lot, slips on things and stubs his toes a lot…

“WHOA!!!! They were right after aaaaaaalllll!!!!”

– Pink slipping on a banana peel

Link Green (Nerdy

Nerdy Volk

Link Green represents the nerdy side. He only plays retro games, watches retro shows, and will spout out interesting nerd facts that noone but other nerds care about!

“Did you know that “He’s dead, Jim!” came from Star Trek?”

– Nerdy Volk, spouting out a cool fact.

Dark Purple (Sarcastic)

Sarcastic Volk

Dark Purple is extremely sarcastic. Nearly everything he says is a sarcastic quip.

“You don’t say?”

– One of Dark Purple’s quips

Teal (Sleepy)

Sleepy Volk

Teal Sleeps a lot.. End of story


– Sleepy Volk 98% of the time.

White (Angelic)

Angelic Volk

This Volk emotion is an absolute angel! You have no reason to hate him!!

“Don’t worry sir! I’ll take care of that!”

– White Volk to LGee14 about one of his chores.

Cyan (Germophobe)

germophobic Volk

This Volk will clean just about anything in his way.. plus he will NEVER let you touch him.. EVER!!


– Cyan Volk, commenting on Green Speedy’s house.

Ok, so I referenced Green Speedy, who belongs to Spaceguy222 of DeviantArt!

You may use these characters anytime you like! Just credit me!


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