Happy Star Wars Day 2015!!!

Hey guys, do you know what day it is?

no camels



STAR WARS DAY!!!!! (I guess the title made it obvious)

SW Logo (2)

SW Logo (1)

That’s right its May 4th, AKA Star Wars Day! It is an unofficial holiday picked by fans, not by Lucasfilm, but they decided to embrace it just as well. (And you say fanbases are stupid)

The original Star Wars came out on May 25th, not May 4th, by the way, but to commemmorate SW Day 2015 (and to make up for not having a picture of the Framily Values cast) I shall show the original trailer from 1977!

Now I have to go to school now (shudders) but I sign off saying, May the 4th Be With You..

Get it… May the 4TH, not FORCE? Whatever…


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