Cool Ideas #3: Star Squirrel Volk

Hey guys, It’s Dr Volk with another Cool Idea that will never become a reality!!!!!

You guys know about Spaceguy222‘s (who is doing quite well) web literature series Star Squirrel right? If you don’t, check it out. (The link to his page is his name) Here is a summary of the series.

Star Squirrel is a spin-off of the Speedy the Squirrel timeline. This takes place in an alternate future, in which one of the kids, Chip, has died. Speedy then gradually turned into a near emotionless soldier, who never met any of his current friends (except Allen the Cat) He has spent much of his time mastering the Silver Ring, a weapon that only Speedy can use. However, due to Speedy’s absence, these beings known as the Silver Lords were corrupted, allowing a reptilian army known as the Zarchonian Empire to attack. Now Speedy has built the Explorer to combat them, and has recruited a team consisting of his younger brother, Sparkle the Cat, Cameron the Dragon, Buttercup the Squirrel, Blaire the Fox, Iceicle the Hedgehog, and others to stop them. However, they must also deal with a villainous team similar to theirs called Star Dagger.

Now finally onto the idea….

This Volk would be the leader of the Zarchonian Rebels. He hates the Zarchonian Empire, because they had killed his entire family and his friends (which then only consisted of Stat, Walter, and his original team which I’ll get to later). He would still have developed V1 and the Death Moon, but he would have developed special technology which otherwise wouldn’t have been invented yet. He still wouldn’t have his tail, however, because the Zarchonians cut it off during his 1st escape. He would NOT be de-aged, though, so he will have his normal body, depending on how many years in the future it is for Star Squirrel

in his 1st appearance, he only wore a dark navy cloak, which covered everything except his hands, which gloves covered. He held a Zarchonian weapon, which he took as a “souvenir” from his 1st battle.

SS Volk in a Cloak

When he takes off his cloak though, it reveals that he has a half cyborg encasing, to repair scars from when he 1st dueled the Zarchonian King, and he wears laser-like armor which has the style of a very familiar foe…

Star Squirrel Volk 2 older

Star Squirrel Volk 1 older

*This is my 1st attempt at shading so this probably isn’t good*

When he 1st meets the Star Squirrel crew, he is trying to locate a crystal that he needs to power a satellite on the Death Moon. They see him (in his cloak form) holding a Zarchonian weapon, so they mistake him for a Zarchonian. They plan to get answers and attack, but he takes them down easily, and flees the planet, as he believes they are working for the Zarchonians. After many missions invaded by the SS (Star Squirrel) crew, he decides to take them on personally.

On the rooftop of one city, he watches the SS crew as they take down his Battle-Bots on a lower rooftop. He then takes off his cloak and reveals his armor. He takes them down seemingly easier than last time. He then flees with his cloak, but not before attempting to destroy them with a blaster grenade. Cameron the Dragon, while wounded, was able to fling the grenade away to a condemned building. Speedy then decides to stealthily follow him to his stronghold, the Death Moon, where they face off again in the main command center. They once again lose miserably, and are captured. He then interrogates the crew of the whereabouts of the Zarchonian Mothership.

After failing to get answers, he decides to simply order his robots to search for the crystal. Speedy then asks why he needs the gem. Volk explains why he needs the crystal, stating that “They (the Zarchonians) ruined my life..Now I shall end theirs!!!” Sparkle tries to explain that they don’t work for the Zarchonians, but Volk doesn’t believe them, saying he’s learned not to trust others so easily. He then asks them for proof of their alliance, specifically saying “So give me one good reason why I shouldn’t rip you to shreds right now!” Princess Novina the Alyain (wordplay of the words “ally” and “alien”) says that they do work against the Zarchonians, and Volk believes her, as no Alyain would dare trust the Zarchonian Empire. He lets them go on their way and they later become good allies.

Star Squirrel Volk’s Catchphrase: “You’ve been a thorn in my side for far too long… NOW COME AND FACE YOUR DOOM!!”

Star Squirrel Volk’s Theme: 

Now remember this is ONLY AN IDEA! THIS WILL NEVER ACTUALLY OCCUR IN HIS STORY (although it would be awesome if he did make it occur)

Here are the credits of everyone I mentioned:

Volk the Chameleon © me

Speedy the Squirrel, Zippy the Squirrel, Zarchonians, Star Dagger, and Princess Novina the Alyain © Spaceguy222

Sparkle the Cat © SparkleGirl13/Sparkle-the-cat-13

Cameron the Dragon © LGee14

Buttercup the Squirrel © sweetrisako (no longer active on DA)

Blaire the Fox © BlaireTF

Iceicle the Hedgehog © Linnea-TH(formerly IceIcleTH)

Ciao for now and enjoy.


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