Cool Ideas #2: Sonic High Volk

Hey guys, its Dr Volk again with another cool idea involnving a DeviantArt guy… or in this case a girl…

You guys know Sparkle-the-Cat-13, formerly known as SparkleGirl13 ,right?

Some of you know about her picture miniseries, Sonic High, which is about Sparkle in an alternate dimension I think about her apparently in high school with her friends and stuff, IDK I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! Only Sparkle understands… or not, cause she tends to be random at times (and by “at times” I mean ALL OF THE TIME!!)

Anyways, what if Volk was there as well? Here is his picture and summary of personality:

Sonic High Volk with Sparkles

Name: Volk the Chameleon

Attraction: None

Group: Nerd

Relationship Status: Single Forever

Volk is a nerd who loathes romance. His favorite color is purple and is a straight-A student who is always nice to people, even if he comes off coldly. He isn’t perfect though, as he has hacked into the school many times for his own heinous purpose, put hasn’t been caught. He also seeks to destroy vore (I personally like it. If you don’t know what it is, here is an explanation. If you like it, good for you, if you don’t, don’t even bother with this part.) which he thought he had escaped, but found out that it occured even at the school after someone raged on another person. He loves video games and retro shows, but his weakness, the one thing he likes more than all of those things.. is a secret.

(its Skittles…)

Now remember this is ONLY AN IDEA!

Sonic High © Sparkle-the-Cat-13

Volk the Chameleon © ME!!!!!

Ciao for Now!!!


One thought on “Cool Ideas #2: Sonic High Volk

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