Cool Ideas #1: Softtail

Hey guys, its Dr Volk and I have an idea that is outside my own character base.

You may or may not heard of Spaceguy222, A.K.A Speedy the Squirrel (his page) Who is currently under some stress.

Anyways, I had an idea for his OV (Original Villain) Spiketail based of of Back to the Future Part II. You may or may not have heard of Spiketail, but basically he’s a mixture of Darth Vader, Bowser, and the 2012 Shredder combined… and he’s a squirrel. I had the idea that he could have once been Speedy’s father’s friend in high school. He would not be muscular, and he’s a “neat freak”, but was also a genius when it comes to technology. His name back then couldn’t even be Spiketail back then, but Softtail, for he had a soft tail. Here is a picture of him:

Softtail  The backstory to how he became the ruthless tyrant we know today is coming soon.

Now remember this is ONLY an idea. Whether he decides to take it up is Spaceguy’s decision.

Speedy the Squirrel, Speedy’s father, and Spiketail belong to Spaceguy222, respectively. Softtail and his art are MY ORIGINAL ART! Don’t claim it is yours or that it was stolen because I KNOW WHAT I MADE! I know I don’t have to tell you this but just in case, credit me (Dr Volk, espiothechameleon) if you use this character (not Spiketail but Softtail).

Ciao for now!

-Dr Volk.


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