Somnolence Ray

Hey guys! I might use this for a Season 2 or Season 3 comic:

Somnolence Ray

Official Name: The Somnolence Ray

Nickname: The “Sleep Ray”

Effect when shot: Causes people to fall asleep upon impact

Creator: Volk the Chameleon

Power: Crystallized Melatonin


Ga Milestones Social Studies

Ok guys, I forgot to post about the Social Studies portion of the GA Milestones *BARF* because I was too busy ranting about some idiots.

Ok, the Social Studies test wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. In fact it was quite easy… for me though. Hope you did well, and I hope you didn’t miss any of the tests (so you won’t have to DO THEM ALL OVER AGAIN!!!)

There’s A Girl In the Boys’ Bathroom

Hey guys.  If you are one of those extreme feminists who think all men are pigs (which they aren’t you morons) you will not believe what happened.

Before you read this, keep in mind that I have never set foot in the bathroom of the opposite gender, unless I had to go with my mom, but that last happened when I was 3 so…

Now, I was in the Boys’ bathroom, not to use it, but to keep some blasted girls from touching me. We were all in the Gym for free time to use as connections (don’t ask why I have officially no clue) 2 girls had found my hiding spot and just started touching me. IDK why those girls want to touch ME so badly, cause I’m a nerd. Why not go after the popularer (yes, really) guys?

Anyways, I had decided to seek refuge in the boys’ bathroom because they can’t go in there. They had soon brought more of their friends and I was still in the boy’s bathroom to hide. I just wanted to draw that’s all. So, while I was still in, one girl (no names will be disclosed) just swiftly came in, touched me on the shoulder, and ran out, laughing. I was like, “PERVERT!!!”(Don’t worry, my pants were up..)

Luckily, one of the coaches told them to LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Finally, some peace in this place. But come on. They would sacrifice their dignity for that, COME ON!!!!

Keep in mind that I am not attracted to other boys. I just don’t like girls touching me! IT’S WEIRD!!!!

Save Water – Add Overflow marker and Volume indicator in Water bucket

Now this is conservationist thinking here! Way to stay green ( or blue in this situation)

Your Well Wisher Program

Save Water- Add Overflow marker and Volume Indicator in Water bucket

This is suggested design for a water bucket that should save water. Estimated 20% water should be saved with such design.

Adding Overflow Marker: A simple red line drawn in circular on the top of the water bucket defines the problem of water wastage on water bucket.

Margin Space left on top level of bucket and overflow marker line is actual and immediate water saved with this design. It may be 1 or 2 litre water that is directly saved.

‘No Overflow’ Label: A simple label but attempts to resolve the problem. It makes user responsible towards water use as well.

Volume Indicator: A simple scale for volume of water at different levels in water bucket. This volume value tells the user every time how much water is being used. The measure of volume helps in analyzing and helps in understanding water significance. It is expected…

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GA Milestones Writing

Hey guys. Today I took the writing portion. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Wish me luck on the next portion of this stupid test that should not exist!

Also I would like to thank the Lord for protecting me in that horrible sport known as dodgeball. I almost got hit brutally 3 times, so I would like to thank him for leaving me unhurt and not riddled with brain damage. As for those who do have brain damage due to that awful sport or in general, I pray for them, may they live long and prosper!