Which Video Game Hero Am I?

Your result for The Which Video Game Hero Are You? Test…

Neku Sakuraba

A.K.A. The Antiosocial Loner.

You are negative, somewhat cut off from the world, you often feel that you can do everything by yourself, and that others only get in the way (AND on your nerves). You tend to keep people at arms length, because you’re scared of getting hurt. But underneath that emotional baggage is sheer determination, and the most vivid imagination there is. You are good at focusing your energy, positive OR negative, into physical force and will. You know what you have to do, though you may not always know how to do it. But you are good at disconnecting from a situation, so that you may see it from all sides. This world may not be the most beautiful thing in your eyes, but it’s a world that ultimately ends, AND begins, with you.

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