Valdic’s Family (Classic)

Here is Valdic’s family in their classic forms: (A brief bio for each person will be provided before I create an official one)

Timothy and Thompson:

Timothy and Thompson Classic

Timothy and Thompson are Valdic’s 2 twin younger brothers. They are excellent with rapier swords and gymnastics, so they backflip a lot. They are Valdic’s right-hand men and are extremely powerful put together. Thompson has a small cowlick on his head. The boys are 7 years old.


Victoria Classic

Victoria is Valdic’s twin sister who isn’t like her brothers. Unlike Valdic, seeking revenge, and Timothy and Thompson, who always are loyal to their brother, Victoria is a typically content girl who just wants to have fun. She usually only accompanies Valdic in his plans to ridicule him and persuade him to stop. Like Alex Kidd and Valdic, she is 14.

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