Alex Kidd Fan Characters: Valdic

Hey guys, once again it is Dr Volk (not a real Dr) and I have a proposition:

Alex Kidd: A nearly forgotten SEGA character who fights whilst playing Rock Paper Scissors, or Janken in Japan. He was an unofficial mascot from his original adventure in Miracle World to Enchanted Castle, he entertained the minds of millions… then Sonic came. Alex Kidd was outshone by Sonic and slowly deteriorated into a memory. He has made several cameos and homages since then, and even appeared in the sports games, but no real adventures.

Now Sonic has millions of fan characters, the group discriminated against by being called “unoriginal”., when in reality, the only unoriginal fan characters that claim to be Sonic’s brother or sister are the examples made by the haters, so screw them. The fan characters of Sonic is one of the most popular and it wouldn’t be surprising if you had one.

Now I’m thinking Alex Kidd should have a fan character, but mine, the 1st Alex Kidd fan character, will be a villain opposing Alex Kidd.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Wait, aren’t original fan characters not supposed to interact with the canon (official) characters much?” Yes, but Alex Kidd is like Indiana Jones: All of his opponents, with the exception of maybe one or 2, have died. The ones that remain changed their ways. This one won’t die, won’t change his ways and will be the same age as Alex.

I give you… VALDIC!

Valdic posing    Valdic in this picture is holding the Orb of Capricorn.

I will give a bio for him later, but he is the Volk in the Alex Kidd universe of the Multiverse (you’ll understand if you’re 12 or have watched Sliders) and he faces Alex Kidd and Stella (yeah I’m bringing her back. She only appeared in 1 game for crying out loud. Take pity on her)

For now I say, ciao for now!

-Dr Volk – Hoping to start a new era in fan character history



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