Practice Testing

This Tuesday we practiced for the… Georgia Milestones Assessment *BARF* IDK why they would make a new test without anyone voting, and we never got notice until AFTER THEY PUT IT INTO ACTION! What the heck were they thinking? Anyways, enough ranting about crap that shouldn’t exist. Have a good weekend

It Is Coming…

I’ve found my Nintendo 3DS. With a couple of editing, I shall have a YouTube account starting next Friday (no school don’tcha know!) and with that I shall open a DeviantArt account.

* I am aware that I can open a DA account at any time now that I am at the age of allowance.

* I am also aware that don’tcha is not a word, but I’ve heard it on TV and this IS NOT A FORMAL PAPER YOU FREAKING GRAMMAR NAZIS!!

*The term “Grammar Nazis” is not directed against Germans, so I’m not being racist…

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Hey guys! Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring!


That means Spring Break is coming!

It also means:




Possibly Wasps

Temperature Mood Swings

and last but not least…


which equals waking up earlier!

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I HATE SPRINGTIME!!!!

You guys have fun though.

– Dr Volk