Worst Holiday Ever Starts About 11 hrs ago

Hey guys. Time for the worst holiday ever created in real life: Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t an adult, I hope your relationship with your valentine is purely platonic; none of this boyfriend and girlfriend nonsense. This is Dr Volk saying, ALL CUPIDS MUST DIE!! Unless a baby is just dressing up.



Super Bowl XLIX Final

Well, the quarterback screwed it up for the Seahawks. They could’ve used Beast Mode to get into the end one from the ONE YARD LINE! But NO! They just HAD to do a freaking PASS and they failed for it.(insert curse words here) Well, I’m not gonna be a spoil sport. Patriots win. At least I get no homework this month.



This is the final score of

Have a great night New England. Seattle, better luck next time around.

Super Bowl XLIX 3rd Quarter Score

Uh oh, Patriots are in trouble!



Whaddya Think? Will the Seahawks win again? Will they become the 8th team to win back-to-back Super Bowls? Will I get homework after all? All of these questions will have the same answer, but will it be Yes or No? Find out in the Action Packed Conclusion of:

Super Bowl XLIX ON NOW

Hey everyone. I am a little late but no matter. The Super Bowl of 2015 between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks is getting intense. Who are you rooting for? My math teacher bribed my classmates into rooting for New England by promising no homework for the month if they win, but knowing life as it hates me and WANTS me to have homework, I am rooting for Seattle not only for this reason, but because my cousin plays for the Seahawks. If only Stewie was still evil. Then he could try to brainwash the spectators. I bet if they make an episode about the Super Bowl, it will be the Pawtucket Patriot s vs the Seattle Suckups, which the Seahawks aren’t, but knowing Seth MacFarlane, he will make a joke about anything, Republicans (Romney) Democrats (Obama) Democratic Republicans (Oliver Warbucks) but I digress. I shall keep you updated on a Quarterly basis, with the 1st quarter ending with no scores, but currently, the Patriots are celebrating the 1st touchdown of the game. Will the Patriots win? Will I get no homework? Will Stewie be evil again? 2 out of 3 of these questions and more will be answered as the Super Bowl continues. Have a great time.