Ok. Yesterday, the strangest thing happened, something you’d think would never in a million years happen.. ready?

A girl who’d just became my friend literally 5 seconds earlier said she liked me more than a friend. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Me, a very antisocial person, a nerd who doesn’t attend any football nor basketball games for my school, nor in any clubs is attractive to this girl who I JUST became friends with 5 SECONDS AGO! I let her down easy(wait, before you say anything in the comments, I am not in love with anyone, and I am not gay.) and she cried a bit, but I straightened things out, but today she said the thought I looked “sexy” and calls me her “boyfriend” even though I openly declined the relationship thing. Now I think she’s just teasing me but still number one, what does “sexy” mean, and 2: why is she doing this. I cannot talk to girls well- every time she talks to me, my heart stops because I don’t know what to say be cause I never prepared for this moment because I thought it would never come. I am quiet, and I haven’t made any advances against girls, in hopes they wouldn’t say anything, but now it isn’t working. How do you teenage boys deal with this, and why do many of you enjoy this? This moment is scary for me and I need answers from experts.

– Dr Volk ( who is scared straight)


One thought on “Now….. WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO?

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