Ok. Yesterday, the strangest thing happened, something you’d think would never in a million years happen.. ready?

A girl who’d just became my friend literally 5 seconds earlier said she liked me more than a friend. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Me, a very antisocial person, a nerd who doesn’t attend any football nor basketball games for my school, nor in any clubs is attractive to this girl who I JUST became friends with 5 SECONDS AGO! I let her down easy(wait, before you say anything in the comments, I am not in love with anyone, and I am not gay.) and she cried a bit, but I straightened things out, but today she said the thought I looked “sexy” and calls me her “boyfriend” even though I openly declined the relationship thing. Now I think she’s just teasing me but still number one, what does “sexy” mean, and 2: why is she doing this. I cannot talk to girls well- every time she talks to me, my heart stops because I don’t know what to say be cause I never prepared for this moment because I thought it would never come. I am quiet, and I haven’t made any advances against girls, in hopes they wouldn’t say anything, but now it isn’t working. How do you teenage boys deal with this, and why do many of you enjoy this? This moment is scary for me and I need answers from experts.

– Dr Volk ( who is scared straight)


My Big Day Is Almost Here

Well, it is almost here. At midnight, it will be January 2nd, 2015, the day, but not exact hour, that I become… A TEENAGER!

I’m sorry dude but I can’t. Well, I have nothing else to say, except happy b-day to all other birthday boys and girls, the good schedule is back on Hallmark, and ciao for now.

– Dr Volk


Hey guys it is your friend, Dr Volk who is once again, not an actual Doctor and guess what year it is!

Thats right, in case I haven’t made it obvious enough, it is 2015, my great-grandma’s birthday and the last day I will spend as a non teenager because my big day is tommorrow! Ohh I’m so nervous! 😮

Hopefully I will be fine.

So happy new year everyone. This is Dr Volk signing off. Ciao for now!

P.S Frasier Crane RULES 😀

New Years Is Almost Upon Us

Galactic Penguin Force

Hey guys! As you know it is New Years Eve and almost time for the ceremonial ball drop, marking the end of 2014. I can hear the fireworks already. This will be the last post I shall make in 2014. By the way, I recently watched the new Annie, and it is a good movie!  To all of you haters, it isn’t supposed to be exactly like the original. If it was, they might as well not make a REMAKE! If that doesn’t change your mind, well haters gonna hate, because I am NOT dealing with any of you right now. Well watch the drop on your news channel in an hour, and if you are one of those lucky people who can be there in Times Square or wherever you have your big celebration in your country. Anyways, happy new year!

– Dr Volk

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